April 5, 2011

Deborah Lippmann "I Dreamed You"

I really love Deborah Lippmann's "I Dreamed You" nail polish.
It's a light pink with a hint of gold and pink shimmers.
Described by DL as a starry opalescent pink.

Isn't "I Dreamed You" a beautiful name for this polish?

Taken with my Blackberry right after I painted my nails.
I think Timmy approves of this color! : )

A few new photos of the puppies from today, April 5th, 2011.


Wally was having a bad hair day lol.


  1. omg i love the color (and the name!) i need this!

    i love timmy and wally. they're adorable :)

  2. What a lovely shade of pink.. It really suits the name :) I love nudes! I need more nudes in my nail polish collection, I have so many brights. Your puppies are cute, makes me want to get one!

  3. Did I just read the nail polish is pink with speck of gold?? eeeeekk.. I must have this!! hahaha Where can I get a bottle? Its my wedding colors and i've been loving pink/gold together! i guess its a new trend now too

  4. @Me You can find it at http://www.deborahlippmann.com/


  5. @Eri Thanks for visiting me! :)

    @Beauty Mamas I love them too this season!

  6. Timmy! Wally!!! Too cute beyond words. :) and so are your nails! <3 The "I Dreamed You" shade is definitely something I would wear! :)

  7. The color is truly dreamy! loveees!
    timmy and wally<3 ahh cute as always!

  8. The nail polish color is SOOO pretty, love it!

    Your puppies are too cute, wish I could play with them!

  9. I love how soft the pink is, so pretty! Have you seen Deborahs new yellow jelly? I'm wondering if it will look good on me lol. Your puppies are so adorable! Well dont tell them that, tell them I said they're very handsome. :D

  10. very purrrrrrdy!! :)



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