April 11, 2011

Deborah Lippmann "Purple Rain"

Hey ladies, I hope you all had a great weekend!
I spent mine in Portland, Oregon with Minh. He had a CLE (continuing legal education) conference to attend at the Hilton hotel in downtown Portland. I spent most of the time shopping. I wanted to meet up with my friend Angie in Portland, but she was on vacation in sunny California! lol

Anyhow, with her directions, I drove out to Tigard, OR to enjoy the fabulous shopping and real estate stalking on Bull Mountain. I love the Washington Square Mall in Tigard! It's so very nice. I also found myself at H-mart lol.
Then the next day I spent it shopping in Downtown Portland with Minh.
Did I mention there is no sales tax in Portland? I did visit Louis Vuitton! I will share my "haul" next post. ^_^ The rest of the weekend we spent at Minh's parents' house. I brought Nickel & Penny two big dingos (dog bone treat) and they ignored us the whole time we were there! They just enjoyed their treat. : )
Nickel looked very happy to be with sister. They both have doggy beds right next to each other and look so cute together!

But now for the subject of this post: nail polish!

I painted my nails with Deborah Lippmann's "Purple Rain." I've been pretty good at changing my nail polish once a week. I still have many more DL polishes in my collection to try out!
Deborah Lippmann "Purple Rain" created with Zac Posen
Purple Rain is described as Zac's signature twinkling lilac (shimmer frost).
Frost nail polishes definitely require more time to apply if you want to avoid streaks.
You can find Purple Rain here at Deborah Lippmann's website for $16.

In bright lighting

What do you think of Purple Rain? I think it's a very unique lilac purple polish.
It's not my favorite, but I'm glad I tried it. : )

And of course, the newly 1 year old Wally & Timmy.

Timmy is all engaged in his bone. lol


  1. omg steph purple rain is so pretty!! it's like pink blush mixed with lavender!!! i want that color!!

    and i agree with you i think we would make fantastic "RL" friends too :)

  2. Hello gorgeous! <3 I'm going crazy over the Purple Rain color! omg. It's like the perfect color. ahhh! It goes so well with your blog's colors as well. lol.
    I can't believe there is no sales tax in Portland. So hard to believe since it's like ridiculous here in L.A. Almost $10! whoa! haha.
    It's always a treat to see Timmy and Wally's pics as well.

  3. omg your nails are so pretty and that colour is GORGEOUS!!! I don't think I've seen that shade of purple for nail polish before!

  4. I love the color! I have the same problem with frosty colors, though...I don't like using them as much because I don't have enough patience to eliminate all the streaks. haha.

    but it's a really pretty purple :)

  5. I'm glad you ladies like this polish! You should definitely try out Deborah Lippmann polishes! They're such great quality. I love them!

  6. I love that frost purple it's beautiful! I wish I had long nail beds. Mine are short and stubby. lol!

  7. No tax in Portland?!?!?! wwwwhhhaaattttt?? I guess I'm moving to Portland haha xD

    Purple Rain is so pretty!!
    The more you post Deborah Lippmann nail polishes, the more closer I am to purchasing all of them..oh yeah

  8. The color is so gorgeous!!!! Gotta try this polish sometime soon :)

  9. Wally is so cutee :)He looks just like my maltese puppy that I just got

  10. LOVE the nail polish color :] awh, hope you had a great time in portland! (born, raised, and living ;p) i hope you checked out 22nd and 23rd downtown, and at least some of the rose garden in ladds addition or washington park :]

  11. As usual, you have the prettiest collection of ...just about everything! =)

  12. I love that owl! Is he solar powered? I have Hello Kitty version :) I am at Harvard - your little sister is so lucky to be going to college there, the undergrads have so much fun!


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