May 13, 2011

butter LONDON: "West End Wonderland"

Steph gets her first butter LONDON nail polish!
I first saw butter LONDON polishes as I was walking through Concourse C at the SEATAC airport. Their beauty parlor was gorgeous (and the only one in Washington State)! I stopped to look at the pretty polishes they had on display. A few weeks ago while I was shopping at Nordstrom...I find myself running into these pretty little bottles again! Again, I didn't come home with any pretty polishes from butter LONDON.

I placed 3 orders from with a coupon I purchased on Hautelook ($20 for $40 gift certificate to Special thanks to Jean for telling me about the sale! Jean's always so nice and informs me of all the nail polish deals out there. ^^ She knows I'm a Deborah Lippmann nail polish addict, and carried some DL. Thanks again Jean!
I picked out "West End Wonderland" ...I just knew I had to try their glitter polish first.
I believe this polish was $14. They're on the more "luxurious" side when it comes to pricing but still more affordable than Deborah Lippmann, Chanel, and Dior polishes.
I used Dior Top Coat (it dries super fast!)

My photos cannot do this polish any justice, and that's why I included a video in this post of the polish. :D

Photos = not as good as in RL (real life!)
This polish is composed of very fine gold, silver, and orange glitters.
Each coat applies evenly, and it applies very generously. You only need two coats to achieve the look I have here.
The glitter does feel a bit gritty, bumpy after it dries even with two coats of top coat.
I prefer my nails to feel glossy and smooth, but I think I can deal with it for a week. lol
This nail polish looks incredible in dim lighting (think restaurant lighting).

These photos turned out a bit better. It's hard to take photos of your nails when you're holding a super heavy dslr camera in the other hand lol. Minh's horrible at taking photos so I don't ask him for help. He's been very kind to volunteer though!
What do you think?
I know a lot of my friends always complain about removing glitter polish so I will share with you a trick I learned. Removing glitter polish can be super easy! All you need to do is put some acetone (or any nail polish remover of your choice) on a cotton pad and put it on top of each of your finger nail, and leave it there. Just do one hand at a time. Do the same for all your other nails and then after 30 - 45 seconds, just simply swipe and remove all your glitter polish in one shot!

No need to "scrub"! lol Try it!
I thought the "Lift to Open" sticker was a bit creepy with the hand lol.
There's a fancy crow wearing a crown design on the top of the nail polish.
I thought that was very creative!

Sabrina of The Beauty Look Book has some great butter LONDON reviews, check them out here.

^_^ She's one of my all time favorite bloggers.


  1. omg soooo gorgeous!! im in portland for the weekend and im going to go check out the butter polishes, if i could only get one , which color would u reccomend?

  2. that's gorgeoussss in the vid!! so sparkly!!

  3. Oh oh ohhh! What a fabulous color! The name sounds so delicious as well. lol. I love your nail posts!

  4. Lovely! Reminds me of the OPI Bring on the Bling from the Burlesque Collection!

    I love glitter nails at the moment!

  5. so pretty =D
    this shade of gold is really pretty!!!
    I can't believe it only took 2 coats~


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