May 16, 2011

Chanel News & Wally's New Haircut!

Hey everyone!

Today is May 16th, 2011, and the prices of the Chanel Classic Flap Bag has not yet increased in the United States! I just talked to a sales associate, and the Jumbo retails for $3700, and the Medium/Large retails for $3400. However, my closet Chanel does not have any available, and are only taking waiting list reservations for the bag with credit card number.

Last time I stopped in Chanel was about a week before Mother's Day, and there were a lot of women in there buying bags (b/c of the rumored price increase). I remember the phone kept ringing in Chanel with the sales associate answering the same price increase questions.

I did overhear that the price of their sunglasses won't be changing. (Yay?) lol
Chanel sunglasses retail around $250-$550, they're not as crazy expensive as you might think! The same with their fashion jewelry. You can snag certain styles of CC earrings for around $225.

Minh and I picked this pair up for my Mom for Mother's Day, but she didn't like them. LOL
So her and I are gonna trade earrings.

The last rumor increase was in mid-May, but now I'm reading that it may be June 2011.

Anyhow, if anyone was planning on buying a bag..I would definitely say now is a good time to snag one! I'm headed to Oregon next weekend for a graduation party, so I hope to stop by Chanel to see what's available.

Now time to share with you, Wally's new at home haircut!
We couldn't get him into the groomer's this weekend because they were booked.
We decided to stop by Fry's Electronics and pick up clippers! Minh gave Wally a haircut, what do you think? Doesn't he look adorable? lol
Photos are taken with my Blackberry. =^_^=

Minh says he looks like a little girl now. lol I think he looks adorable!
Timmy got a butt hair trim! lol Keeping it well groomed you know!

LOL, Timmy's getting comfy with Nickel. Nickel doesn't mind at all!


  1. A www your babies are so adorable!! I confirmed with my awesome SA a few weeks ago the price increase that went up may 1st was asia and then everyone freaked out but US doesn't happen till June 1st! I hope you find something fab in oregan hon!!

  2. Awww cute! Your doggies are adorable.
    And those Chanel earrings are to die for. Beautiful. :)

  3. Ahh I wish I can rush to the US right now and purchase a classic flap. The price increased on May 1st here and with the strong Canadian dollar, I can save a few hundred bucks before the price increase in June!

  4. I bought a pair of CC earrings in the classic style prior to May 1st for $230. The Nordstrom sales associate told me that if i were to get them on or after May 1st, the price would have been $260 or $265. When asked about the price increase on their classic bags, he told me that they had no information on it. Well, whether or not the price increases on the classic bags, it won't matter to me because i can't afford it either way. LOL!!

  5. Wow the bags are gd price over there, I bought my medium 2.55 for a little over 4k.. No regrets but it's crazy exp. It will last me a lifetime though :) Need to get some classic earrings like those! If I was your mum, i'd love it to pieces haha. Btw your doggies are sooo cute. I could never ever get sick of dogs haha x

  6. Aww Wally's haircut is cute! Love the pics of them wallowing on the couch lol :)

  7. Your boys are so cute!! :D
    I hate how everything is's really gross -___- hahaha

  8. I love those earrings! So pretty :) The Chanel price increases have been insane...

  9. amazing....fab nails....:)

  10. aawww cute babies for sure! my bf tried the hair trimming at home but it's so hard with these hyper dogs lol.

  11. i've always been curious about how much chanel earrings cost, since their website doesn't show any of the prices.

    but those earrings are def worth it!!


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