May 26, 2011

OPI, Glam Slam! Spark de Triomphe and White Shatter

These two polishes are from the OPI Serena William's Glam Slam! France Collection.
The glitter polish is called "Spark de Triomphe" and "White Shatter"
It is a silver glitter with hints of gold reflects.
White Shatter is my favorite shatter polish so far! It looks great on all my favorite colors including this glitter polish. :)
If you can get your hands on "White Shatter," I recommend that you do grab it!
Spark de Triomphe is not the World's most photogenic nail polish, but it person it's quite flattering, wearable and sparkly!
I also made a video to go with this sparkly blog post. :D
A huge THANK YOU to my friend Kae for spoiling me with these nail polishes and so many more!
She always sends me the sweetest presents from the heart. : )
She also makes amazing nail polishes of her own with fabulous glitter polishes! I will share them with you soon! I have quite a few of her amazing creations. She has a Strawberry polish that is SUPER cute. ^^ I just have to share this with you all. It's so creative.
Strawberry by TheHungryAsian, I totally snagged this photo from her nail blog.
She always sells out so check back often to her blog for her sale updates. ^_^
They go really really fast!
This glitter polish was made for those who love bling!

Now that I look closely at this polish, it's definitely a silver and gold glitter polish.
Can you see how gold the glitter polish looks in photos?
My other ring finger shattered so unique! It let a large strip of glitter polish shine through lol.
Here's a picture I took with my Blackberry of the funny shatter polished finger.
Another Blackberry phone pic.

Sneak Peek of my latest purchases,
OPI "Silver Shatter" and "Mod About You"

I couldn't resist them when I saw them in Ulta. ^_^

OPI "Mod About You"
It's such a beautiful creamy light pink. :D
OPI "Silver Shatter" -- so gorgeous and sparkly!!!

I'm headed to Corvallis, Oregon this weekend. One of Minh's friend just graduated from medical school and now he's a doctor! Congratulations to him! : ) I've met him before and he's a super nice guy. Everyone keeps telling us that there's this amazing Hawaiian food restaurant in Corvallis. By any chance, has anyone been there? I'm really curious!

Has anyone bought anything during this fabulous Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale?
My AGL flats did go on sale again, but I was able to get a price adjustment at Nordstrom. I got a total of $43 back! : ) Talk about savings! I have to admit, AGL flats are so amazingly comfortable! They blow TB leather flats out of the water. I just checked this morning and they have more sizes back in stock of the Leopard Print AGL flats that I picked up last week.
40% off at $209.90 for a $355 World's most comfortable flat? I think it's a good price.
I highly recommend these shoes to anyone who loves walking in flats. :D
You can find on sale here.
I wear a 7.5 normally, and that's what I ordered and they fit like a glove!

I also made another shoe purchase, but at Neiman Marcus. I bought my first pair of Ash shoes! They're called the Ash "Glen" Booties in the color Stone. These shoes are still full price at Nordstrom, but I snagged them on sale at NM! :D

Edgy right? This shoe defines Seattle and Portland style in my book!
We have such a rock, punk rock/grunge feel in our city (as well as in Portland!) and I think these booties will compliment the surroundings quite nicely. : )

Same shoes at Neiman Marcus for 50% off! SCORE. I snagged the last pair in my size.
They only come in full sizes so I went with a 38. :D

Retail therapy works!

Also, one last question for you..which one would you pick?
Old Rose or Praline?

Balenciaga Part Time w/ Gold Hardware in Old Rose
Balenciaga Part Time w/ Gold Hardware in Praline

They're both so gorgeous! I know it's not a good idea for me to splurge right now, but if you had to pick, I'm curious to know which one you'd like better? :D

Talk to you all soon! -Steph ^^


  1. Praline!! my nordy's SA was showing me these and i loved it! damn girl, great purchases, i can't hit the mall til saturday and want to check out nordys, vs, and aritzias sale! LMAO my wallet will hate me.

  2. Steph, those booties are so cute! They'll work with so many outfits too, GREAT buy!

    Also get the Praline Part Time! That's the one that I'm lusting for right now. The gold hardware looks better & classier on the Praline when compared with the rose colour imo.

  3. OMG great deal on the shoes! Buying something you want on sale makes it 10x better lol, must be cause I'm asian -_-

    I prefer the white Balenciaga. I feel it'll be more versatile. you'll be able to just grab it & not have to worry whether it clashes w/ your outfit. But hopefully it doesn't turn blue from rubbing against your jeans! I have a white Rebecca Minkoff MAB & it started turning blue!!! Now I only use it when I don't wear jeans :'[

  4. I believe it's the same one but don't quote me on it, just in case it isn't haha. Look for Imanol, he's really great!

    Yes, the aritzia is at washington square. Happy shopping! can't wait to see what everybody gets lol

  5. PRALINE!!!!
    i'm lusting after it.
    i want it.

  6. go with the praline! its such a nice color :) it will match anything!

    the strawberry polish is pretty!

  7. The praline color is gorgeous with the gold hardware. I like the rose one, but I prefer neutral colors for things like bags. :D It's a fabulous looking bag nonetheless.

  8. PRALINE! it's a pretty neutral color that can go with pretty much everything. the rose color is nice too but too girly and limited to certain styles.

  9. I love that mod about you color! So gorgeous!

  10. Ooooh I like the praline Balenciaga!

    And that gold sparkly nail polish is sooo nice! I need to get my hands on that!

  11. You have the prettiest nail polishes to share with us!
    The Ash booties are so hot, and at 50% off?! What a deal :0
    The Praline is so beautiful...I think that would be a nice pick since it goes with more than the Rose :) would be so nice for summer!

  12. I love your photos of everything! Glad you liked the glitter and shatter :D

    I personally like Rose buuut like everyone else is saying Praline will go with everything, aah decisions!

  13. It's such a hard choice! I hope Barney's will carry these soon. ^^

    Thank you all for your comments! I really appreciate the help. :)

  14. i think the rose is gorgeous.. really feminine even with the studs..

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  16. Thank you for your kind comment Steph :) I'm so glad you like the flats and that strawberry polish is so cute! I would pick the old rose...I have a Bal Bag in a close color to Praline and though I love it, it gets dirty pretty easily...but it's a gorgeous gorgeous color :)

  17. Yay for the price adjustment - isn't Nordstrom customer service the best??! Love em. Have an awesome time in Oregon! Happy long weekend :)


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