June 5, 2011

Christian Louboutin Feticha Crystallized!

Photo by Joey of www.RedoMyShoe.blogspot.com
As you ladies may already know, I'm a big fan of Joey (ReDoMyShoe)'s work!
I always check his blogs for his latest creations. : ) Joey is super sweet by the way!
I love that he is doing what he loves. ^_^

I saw Joey post a pair of Christian Louboutin Feticha in my size and flipped out on Friday night. They're 38, and I wear 37.5 or 38 in Louboutin depending on the style of the shoe. lol I talked it over with Minh, and go OMG, here's the project that I've been waiting for! ^_^

Reason why this was meant to be:
1. I've always loved the shape of CL's Feticha.
2. I've love the Swarovski Volcano crystals!
3. I've been wanting a strass project forever now!

Minh and I have been on the search for the perfect pair of baby shoes for me to crystallize, but we haven't found the perfect pair. Bf knows how obsessed I get when I discover something new especially when it has to do with Swarovski crystals. I've been wanting to learn how to strass for a few months now. I love that Minh supports my hobbies. :)
If he never encouraged me from the beginning there would have never been a DSK Jewelry.

Minh thinks he can do a better job than I can though with the strassing..right..
He goes, "Get me one of those Louboutin things, and I'll do it."
He wanted to put glue all over the shoe then stick the crystals on tape and them apply. LOL
I just rolled my eyes. lol BAD IDEA MINH!

Anyhow! Joey posted his unfinished project up for grabs, and I knew it was destiny.
I commented back and forth with him on blogger and then he e-mailed me. : )

I can't wait until they arrive!
I paid $620 including shipping for the shoes, and the project is probably going to cost another $400-$600 of Swarovski Crystals to finish.

I found a video he posted a while back with my new shoe partially finished.
He estimated to sell them for $1405 completed. I think with a lot of patience, skill, and time I will create a treasure I will cherish for years to come. : )

Isn't his work magical? I hope to make him proud and finish his gorgeous work!
I need to practice, practice, practice before I dare touch a crystal to my new pair of Louboutin's.

Have a great Sunday everyone!


  1. THOSE ARE SOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to see the finished project! So jealz!

  2. beautiful shoes!!! love all the crystals!! can't wait to see the finish project and hear all about it!!!

  3. holy crap that looks amazing!!!! This is a great project for you since you love Swarovski crystals so much =D

    So did Joey already finish one shoe & part of the other one? I hope you make a video of the process, even if it's 3 hrs long. I'd willingly just stare at the shiny crystals LOL

  4. Wow that's a beautiful shoe, Steph! I cannot wait to see the outcome of the finished project. Anyway, I remember you bought a pair of Chanel sunglasses with white bows awhile back, how are you liking them? I just bought a pair myself and I am so excited to get them, I've been trying to read more about it but there isn't much of a review on them at all! Then I remembered you bought a pair, and I just wanted to know if you still use it? I'm uber excited to get them, and it's my first Chanel anything! :D

  5. How exciting!! I can't wait to see them finished! :D

  6. @Thao I love them! I keep them in the car and wear them often. :) Did you get the white bows as well?

  7. Steph, I did! The black frames with white bows. They just released a new one with red bows too! Glad to hear you love them. :D

  8. Steph, you always give me the best endorsements. If you ever want a pair done, let me know!!! :-)


  9. OOOOMGEEE! you do not know how excited i am for you! seriously... wow. i'm a tad bit jealous but i cant wait to see your finished product. im sure you'll do an amazing job.

  10. Stop buying new things. You're supposed to be saving for a house :P
    Also, that Nice Guys song is stuck in my head...

  11. Really stunning! Are you going to re-sell them for a profit and invest in a house ;-)

  12. Gorrrrrrrrrgeous! I know you'll do an awesome job!

  13. omggg it's gonna look so amazing when u finish! i can't wait to see ur finished product


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