June 14, 2011

OPI Miss Universe 2011 Collection

I saw the current Miss USA tweet about the wearing one of the new OPI Miss Universe nail polishes and I started googling! lol

I'm really loving these smaller more intimate polish sets. It makes it a lot easier to collect them all! lol Plus, 4 is my favorite number. (Even though..my Chinese friend tells me it's a bad number to like!) lol

The colors include:

Swimsuit…Nailed It!: an intense shimmery electric blue shade.
Crown Me Already!: a fabulous yet discreet sparkling silver tone.
It’s MY Year!: an amazing creamy magenta and berry color combo.
Congeniality Is My Middle Name: a silver and mauve shade that will certainly draw a great attention.

OPI always comes up with the wittiest names for their collections and polishes. I love it! I used to read a lot of Nail Art, and Nail Pro magazines when I was a teenager in my Mom's nail salon. They always had great articles about OPI's polish naming themed parties. I always wished one day I could be part of that team to name new nail polishes! (I love that I get to name all my jewelry pieces). I would say part of my dream came true.

I really am looking forward to getting my hands on these polishes though! You know I'm super excited for Crown Me Already (glitter). : ) I also wanted to say that I'm really glad so many of you liked the Deborah Lippmann nail polish removing tip! Isn't it time saving? ^_^ Thanks for all the great feedback on blog & twitter!

Back to the OPI Miss Universe Collection, lol

I found out that this collection released in Las Vegas on June 14th, 2011 (Today!), and will be in stores September 12, 2011. (The day of Miss Universe airs on NBC) <-- I totally read the display photo. lol BUT I also saw that it may be released in July! I'm unsure of the real release date. If you know, please share!

If anyone is in Vegas and finds this collection, will you post it please?!

In my google research of this collection, I found this video of the polishes!
Fast forward to about 2:45 in the video to see the Miss Universe polishes. :)

I leave you with doggie photos from today : )

Wally's napping
This was taken earlier today, Timmy obviously doesn't believe in personal space.

Last June...
They came into our lives one year ago, look how much they've grown since then!
I think that puppy picture was taken around June 5th, 2010. : )
And here we are today June 14, 2011. : )
We recently discovered Magnuson Dog Park/Sandpoint (Seattle) and we love it!
Minh and I have been going to the dog park almost every evening. We love the dog park in Medina, Mercer Island, and now the one in Sandpoint. I think we're going to check out the off leash dog park at Green Lake tomorrow. I hope it doesn't rain!
The weather wasn't so great today, very cloudy. It was also around 7-8 pm when we were there today.

Yes..Wally my little Chihuahua Maltese mix dog went swimming in Lake Washington!
He was playing with all the other big dogs on the dog beach and just ran into the water with them and swam back! It was so cute! Everyone's so impressed by him because he's so small, but he plays like a big boy. Look at how muddy he got! Not to worry thought, he's clean, white, and fluffy again. We gave him a nice bath with his new Martha Stewart chamomile scented puppy shampoo (it was on sale about a month ago at Petsmart). I'm really fond of chamomile tea, and I was super happy to find chamomile puppy shampoo.
Timmy never plays fetch! He just watches all the other dogs play. He's such an indoor dog lol.
Wally's so good at fetch! He brings it back and drops it right in front of you. : )

When the weather is nicer and the sun is shining, I'll bring my camera and tape our evening adventures.

By the way, OPI's "Your Royal Shine-ness" is one of the best nail polishes I've ever used! I'm on day #4 and my maincure still looks perfect!

In random Steph (DSK) & Minh (ALG) news..we bought one of those giant copier machines for the law firm. That's exciting (for boring people like us..)! Now we can really be like "The Office." We're also opening a second office later this month. I'm headed up there to get the keys this Thursday. It's will be our satellite office about 40 minutes from Downtown Seattle for clients who live out in Snohomish County (Everett, Marysville), and Whatcolm County (Bellingham).
A lot of people (potential clients) are really scared or hesitant about making the trip into Downtown Seattle. They always express their dislike for downtown driving and paying for parking. We hope the additional office up North will help ease their worries. : )

And in DSK News! I have new amazing Sterling Silver & Swarovski Crystal chains to work with!
That was one of the highlights of my day. : ) I will share them with you tomorrow at my jewelry blog.

Talk to you all soon! - Steph


  1. HAHA Timmy looks kinda chunky compared to Wally now. One of them is stealing all the food & not playing enough fetch!

    I like the silver polish in your other post a lot better than any of the colors in the Miss Universe. But the silver glitter will prob be real pretty on top of other colors.

  2. I totally just bought all of the Martha Stewart Shampoos for dogs. They were on sale last week at Petsmart for $2.57. I'd have to say, its a good deal considering how expensive they normally are :)

  3. @Christine Martha Stewart (pet line) goes on super sale! I love it! I need to go back and stock up! :)

  4. Your dogs are the cutest!!! Bet they're so happy to get out of the downtown for some play time! :)

    Love the Miss Universe collection. Need to get my hands on some of those colours!

  5. Your dogs are so adorable!! I can't believe how perfect that picture is where theyve got their muzzles together <3
    This Martha Stewart shampoo sounds pretty good...my constantly stinky pooches sound like they could use it!

  6. From what one of the sales associates told me, their contract with Martha Stewart is coming to an end so they're discontinuing the products. I would totally go and stock up since all her stuff is of really good quality :D

  7. omg wally is so cute! i'm so hesitant to bring my dog out to the dog parks. i even make him wear shoes when i walk him so he stays clean haha. is the shampoo from martha stewart good? my dog has dry skin so i only use the oatmeal shampoos on him

  8. @Susan I saw that the Martha Stewart line had the Oatmeal Shampoo! Nickel has to use it because he has dry skin too. I dislike the smell of it! Maybe you can try the puppy shampoo? They're really light and I feel that they make their fur a lot softer than other dog shampoo's I've tried. You should visit Petsmart!

  9. Haha. I love the names of the polishes!


  10. The doggies are SOO cute! I still think you should move closer to the Dog Park!

    Great nail colours too!

  11. Oh I really want this collection! Looks so beautiful!

    And your pups! How adorable! I want them too :)

  12. oOoOO can't wait to get my fingers on Congeniality Is My Middle Name

  13. I'm sooooo going to post mine!!!!

  14. I can't wait to get my hands on Crown Me Already!



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