July 25, 2011

I Love Garage Sales!

Hey everyone!
I want to share with you my newly found treasures!
I found them at a garage sale on the Cougar Mountain area of East Side (Bellevue, WA). Great area, fabulous homes..but there probably are bears!

I joke not about these bears...

Minh and I were actually on our way to the trailhead at the Cougar Mountain Wildlife Park when we drove by this amazing garage sale! The gorgeous house was for sale too $910,000! The owner was/is a Korean eye doctor. lol The wife a realtor. lol. I'm just really good at getting info..

Minh found a nice HP printer for $5, and I ended up spending $11 on some fun decorative items for my bathroom. : ) My aunts and cousin are coming to visit me next month so I want to clean up and decorate the living space a little bit for them. : )

Fake floral arrangement $3!
There's actually a lot of pink in the flower arrangement but it's not showing up in these photos.
My bathroom lighting is the worst..ugh
Times are a bit tougher here in the US so we've been really good at not spending on things we don't need...me especially. -___- Browsing and shopping garage sales are a great way to get a lot for very little dough.
I thought it looked very fresh and nice! It really brightens up my bathroom.
My favorite treasure from the garage sale were these charming clear glass apothecary jars!
I snagged this set of 3 for $8! I probably could have haggled and gotten it for $5, but I wasn't feeling too Asian that day. If my aunt was with me, I'd probably would have gotten them for $3. haha
You can use these to store many things, but I totally copied the box. lol
Q-tips, cotton balls, and cotton pads. : )
The lighting in my bathroom is not very flattering.
The jars look much cuter in real life. : )
What do you think? $11 well spent? :D

A lot of my friends told me to go to JC Penney for bath towels so I went to JC Penney's for bath towels! I want my aunts and cousin to not have to worry about packing towels on their trip to visit me.

I bought all purple bath towels from JC Penney for $4 each (plus 15% off)!
Regular price $10+. lol They're probably $4 a piece everyday, but hey..the signs work..just like I learned in my college retail & marketing classes. : ) I probably will go back and get more bath towels and hand towels just so I have them all matching. Minh has this thing against non matching towels. He thinks they look like rags when they don't go together.

I used to make fun of Minh for shopping at this discount retailer (total old lady store!!), but hey..they have great towels!

Who's excited for The Bachelorette tonight?
I enjoy watching the show just to see what everyone is wearing, and what makeup Ashley has on.
But this season hasn't been that great..but there's always the next season. :)


  1. Nothing like a great bargain! Amazing haul.

  2. ohhh i love the jars =D so darling ~~~~
    fancies up the bath room

  3. <3 the jars! They remind me of the cute ones usually displayed at weddings for candy buffets.

  4. I can already guess that your bathroom must look beautiful!


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