July 7, 2011

Want: Valentino Wedges

I was online browsing when I came across these edgy Summer wedges by Valentino. I've always been a big fan of Valentino designs. I love their bow details. These gorgeous wedges were on sale, but sold out in my size (now completely sold out). At $500+ on sale, I probably wouldn't have splurged on them even if my size was available, but it's nice to know the option of owning them was still there. lol They're available in a brown color (which is not nearly as cute) at Bluefly.

Minh and I just started watching Entourage. Any fans out there?


  1. studded wedges nice! and yes an entourage fan here!

  2. love these wedges the studs are amazing.. but i probably wouldn't buy them either because i don't really spurge on expensive wedges because i feel like they're so seasonal. love entourage!

  3. i hope you find a pair of valentinos that will suit your budget as well as your feet and taste! :) i would have to agree that these are extremely beautiful!

  4. LOVE these! I'm a huge fan of valentino designs as well.


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