August 4, 2011

Random: Colored Pencils and Wally

This is my new way of storing short eyeliner/lipliner pencils (Clear Cube).
Some don't necessarily fit so I keep those in a cup standing up.
I had a thing for colored pencils when I was a that I'm older..I have a thing for colored eyeliner pencils. : )
Here's Wally resting his head on his toy rabbit.
Speaking of Wally, he's notorious for chewing up several of my eyeliner pencils!
I can still use one end..but the other end look really chewed..

The toy rabbit freaks me out every time I accidentally run into it especially in the morning. It looks SO real! Back at my parents house in Michigan, we'd see baby rabbits all the time. They even had a nest/burrow in our yard! :)

I leave you with a clip of Josh Groban singing David Letterman's Top Ten List!


  1. Your pencil collection looks like a lot of fun! And Wally-such a cute furry face!

  2. Dang girl you have a lot of pencils!

    And looking at Wally I just can't help myself but XD

    "What? Huh?! Chewing eyeliners? I didn't do it! Look at me :D I'm adorable <3"

  3. just e-mailed you at your dsk e-mail! =) ask away!!

  4. omgoshhhh your doggy is so cute!

  5. ooh thats scary! good thing you dbl checked! love the color polish

    love from San Francisco,


  6. I just started reading your blog! But your dog is so adorable! And it looks as though you own every NYX eyeliner!
    Love it!


  7. That color is so so nice, I love it; I need to buy me some nail polish in that color and you have such nice hands! Your blog is lovely and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic


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