August 29, 2011

Summer Orange!

I recently noticed how many orange beauty products I had in my bathroom. I thought it would be really fun to put together a post of my current orange packaged beauty products this Summer. :D
Ole Henriksen Truth Go Cleansing Wipes: They dry out so fast! I'm not really fond of the citrus-y smell (it smells like the lighter version of the serum).

Ole Henriksen Serum: I recently stopped using this because it stings my skin a little bit especially where I would get eczema/dry patches in the Winter. My Mom also has tried this and had a lot of redness (probably an allergic reaction) when she used this for the first time too. It also smells like oranges.

The Ole Henriksen line doesn't work for me ~ sigh
Orange lip products!! The orange MAC lipstick is Lazy Day - it's one of my all time favorites!

The MAC Dazzleglass is Smile - beautiful coral pink glittery gloss.
YSL Peach Passion lipstick - gorgeous color, glides on super creamy
Aquafina Citrus lip balm - not my favorite, but I still use it!

I love Bio Oil! I have a small stockpile under my sink. I always try to them up at Costco when they're in stock. :D I always talk about Bio Oil because it's work for me, it fades scars!

I've had thisVictoria Secret Amber Romance hair spray forever (because I rarely use hairspray).
I love the smell of Amber Romance.
It's a really great hairspray, and I hope they still make it. :)

Orange things!!
I actually found more orange packaged products after I took these photos.
I also have Peter Thomas Roth skincare (orange packaged) products and a Lux body wash in my shower.
One of my amazing cousins always gets me goodies fro L'Occitane for Christmas.
I'm absolutely in love with their hand cream, and their foot cream! I have a smaller travel size too that I keep by my bed in case I forget to apply it at night. It makes my feet feel so nice. I highly recommend L'occitane creams! My dad really likes their hand cream too. :D I don't really care for their shampoo, conditioner, or body wash ~ they smell nice but that's about as good as it gets for those items. Save your money and invest it in their creams and lotions! I've tried almost everything from L'Occitane over the past few years thanks to my cuz!!

I recently started using a new sunscreen this Summer. I've been applying it for about a month now. It's the ANEW Solar Advance SPF 45 Sunscreen Face Lotion. I love the packaging because it's orange and matches with my theme! lol
I used to be so bad at applying sunscreen to my face because when I was in middle school...I applied a body sunscreen to my face (I didn't know any better at 12 years old), and at the bus stop in the peers were like why is your face glowing? lol You know the sheen high SPF suncreens give off right? It's like a violet, white tint. Embarrassing.....

I was so embarrassed that I just stopped using sunscreen..seriously. My mom and sister are so good at always applying sunscreen (it's a big Viet/Asian thing to AVOID sun exposure), and they constantly remind me to protect my skin. Even bf's Mom asked me if I used sunscreen...I usually just shrug and say it's probably in my moisturizer. lol *guilty*

Now I can proudly say I'm using a high SPF sunscreen this Summer! *not guilty*!
You can still find this online at Avon for $34, they have a "Buy 1, Get 2 Free" deal on the their Anew Solar Advance line going on right now including this sunscreen. I just checked. The packaging has a very high end feel. It's Made in the USA too. :D
The most beautiful sunscreen I own. :)
If you know anyone who sells Avon, definitely ask them this product.
You can also read more reviews here. I really like it for myself.
This sunscreen smells like Summer ~ I really like the pleasant, light smell.
I apply it and wait 15 minutes before I continue with my face routine.
I especially love that it doesn't make me glow! It's not an overly thick sunscreen, it's just right. Not too thin (or runny) kind of a lotion which I really like. My little sister would be so proud of me for using sunscreen. :D

Julia just flew back to Cambridge today to starting her Sophomore year at Ha-ha-haarvard (think Screech from Save by the Bell). Have a great school year little Nguyen!

I bought her a chocolate satchel style "school" bag from ASOS before she left. : )
Both her and my mom really liked the quality of the bag. I also snagged myself 2 small bags from ASOS, and received them on Saturday right before the Josh Groban concert! The quality is really good! I'm glad I finally ordered something from ASOS.

I leave you with a few photo of Josh Groban from his Straight to You Tour concert here in Seattle on Saturday. :D These were taken with my Canon point shoot since DSLR weren't allowed. lol

I've been a fan since I was 16 years old, and have waited 8 years to see him live!
It all started with a PBS special. :)

Minh and I had 10th row floor seats. They were priceless!! lol Best money we ever spent!
It was extra cute when Minh start looking up Josh Groban songs to play Sunday morning. :)

I'm going to put together our video clips from the concert today and post it here for my fellow Grobanites.

Any Grobanites out there?? Let's be friends!

The Key Arena is in the Seattle Center near the Space Needle.
Space Needle
Pacific Science Center
We were able to catch the monorail home after the concert! It was the first time Minh had been on the "tourist-y" monorail which takes you from Westlake Center (mall/shopping area) near our place to the Seattle Center (Space Needle, Key Arena).
It was $2 for a 2 minute ride home at midnight. It beats paying $15 to park and dealing with traffic! We made that newbie mistake when we went to the Michael Buble Concert last year.

All-in-all, I had an incredible weekend and I hope you did too!


  1. I didn't realize he came to town! Super jealous...I love Josh Groban :(

  2. I loved this post! A little bit more personal from Steph :) It is so cute that both you and your mom like Josh Groban...I can imagine both of you taking the monorail home too! A big "awwwww"

  3. So awesome that you got to see Josh Groban! Nothing beats finally seeing your fave artists on stage - live. : )

  4. @Larie Yes! I bought my tickets 6 months in advance! lol :)

    @Katherine Josh Groban is the best!! I love him!!

    @Jessy I promised myself when I was in college that I'd save up money to be able to see Michael Buble and Josh Groban in concert! :) I'm so glad I finally full-filled that promise to myself. :D I even got to see Canadian ;) Michael Buble twice!! <3

  5. damn you had GREAT seats! your pictures are so good. hehe i'm jealous! my mom's obsessed w him hehe

  6. @ShinyPrettyThings I hope to see him again soon! He was AMAZING live!

  7. watching you talk about sunscreen made me feel bad..i just finished taking a shower and while i was putting on some lotion on my arms, i realized how tan my skin was! like seriously the darkest i've been in years..what's worse is that there are tan lines..coz i usually wear cap sleeved tops and the tan line looks annoying especially when i'm wearing sleeveless tops -_-

    anyway, i love josh groban's voice! i'm not really familiar with all of his songs..i just find his voice soothing..and at such a young age, his voice sounds so good..classy :)

  8. The Ole Henriksen Serum made my face BURN like hell too. I loved the way it made my skin look/feel after the awful burning feeling though.

    I noticed that it only feels that way if I exfoliated or used a toner.

  9. i love love love bio oil :D it not only fades my scar but it gives me moisture on top of my moisturizer since my skin is SOO dry.

    now i want to try the L'Occaitane hand creams. i've heard a lot of good reviews but i think i just might splurge and go get some for my dry skin!

  10. @Christine You should try it! Get the regular size, it's the best value. It lasts for a while too! :) Let me know what you think after you try it!

  11. Cute nailpolish :)

  12. awesome color.. been obsessed with nail color lately!



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