September 26, 2011

OPI "Mod About You" and Hello Kitty Pink Sprinkles

OPI "Mod About You" and Hello Kitty "Pink Sprinkles"
The warmth of the HK Pink Sprinkle really helps tone down the the coolness of this "mod" pale pink polish.

OPI "Mod About You" is as pastel as a pale pink can get. It's not the most flattering shade of pink if you don't apply it evenly. It's not your fool proof pink nail polish. I would recommend OPI "Pinking of You" over "Mod About You."

The Hello Kitty Pink Sprinkles is really cute, but it's not worth the $10 price tag.
I'll go back to Fall nail polishes next post. :) I've just been in the mood for Spring colors.
Taken with my Blackberry.
Allure October 2011 has 2 samples of the new Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation.
I'm excited to try it! I really like the Mat Lumiere. I don't like the Pro Lumiere as much.
It was Wally's day on Sunday!


  1. ahhh u have a HK polish too! i agree they aren't worth the $10 but i couldn't resist & had to get just one XD i have it in Blueberry. the pink glitter is really pretty though. & the name is just freaking adorable haha!

  2. I love your nails - and your hands are so perfect!

  3. I've seen those HK polishes and am very attracted to them because I love HK just like every other Asian - thank you for the review and I will try to stay away!

  4. Your nails are perfect! Mod About You is a really pretty colour, but I think it looks even better now with the sparkle.

  5. i love those colors paired together!!!

  6. That is such a cute pairing! Looks great ;D

    And.. gasp, imma have to go buy that magazine just for samples!

  7. lmk when you try chanel's perfection lumiere! i was so mad at chanel for discontinuing tent innocence but now im a happy camper again. :) xx


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