September 19, 2011

Revlon "Minted" and "Not So Blueberry"

Revlon "Minted" & Revlon "Not So Blueberry"
I was at Fred Meyer (grocery store) earlier today and saw that Revlon polishes were buy 1, get 1 half off. :D

I've been wanting a mint, pastel green for a few months. I had such a hard time hunting down "Minted" and I was so happy to find it today. :D I really wonder how it compares to Essie's "Mint Candy Apple" because I've heard so many great things about it.

Revlon really needs to reinvent their nail polish packaging already!
#370 "Not So Blueberry" was priced at $4.99 because it's from a different line. They say Scented Perfume on the bottle. I guess it does give off a fragrance even after the polish has dried. I don't really know why you would need a scented nail polish. lol

#85 "Minted" was more affordable at $4.49. :D
I really like Revlon nail polish colors, but I really don't like the brush ~ it's so thin making it harder to apply. The packaging is so dated in my opinion! Anyone agree?
"Not So Blueberry" is such a unique polish in comparison to the other colors by Revlon. I was going to go for "Silver Dollar," but the whimsical purple really stood out.
It was also the last one so I knew I had to get it. lol I needed another polish anyways to take advantage of the sale.
It's one of the prettiest drugstores purples I've seen on shelves as of yet. :) I would describe it as a fairy tale lavender.

This polish combination reminds me of My Little Pony. haha

I used two coats of each polish. I think "Not So Bluberry" would look even better with a third coat since it' has silver shimmers in it. :)
Minh asked me why I was so happy today and I said because my new nail polishes makes me happy!


  1. Hi Steph, Not so Blueberry is such a unique color. I don't know why nail polish needs to be scented either. In my opinion it's actually a bad thing because now we have people sniffing perfumed nail polish fumes. I saw a young girl and a friend checking out scented nail polish at a drugstore and she just opened the bottle and sniffed it hard.

  2. I LOVE not so blueberry on your perfectly sculpted nails!

  3. OMG I love both colors Steph! I want both....can't decide which I want to get first! LOL

  4. Love them both separately and together. And you can't beat the price!

  5. You are so cute! This combo totally does look like My Little Pony, LOL

  6. Not so Blueberry is a beautiful iridescence looking color! Loooove it. Want.

    I've heard a lot of great reviews about Minted too. I have Mint Candy Apple by Essie, and it seems a tad bit bluer than Minted, based on these photos.

    LOL @ My Little Pony. <3

  7. Ooh! Such cute colors together! I totally agree that Revlon needs to step up their game as far as packaging!

  8. oh, i love revlon minted! i think i will be picking it up on saturday! colour looks gorgeous!

  9. OMGGGGGG I LOVE THIS COLOR COMBO!!! hahah i love that you put up a picture of my little pony!! it TOTALLY does look like it hahah so cute!!

  10. So pretty! I love the blueberry one the most. You have gorgeous nails Steph!

  11. LOL scented perfume! That is very interested. the colors are actually really pretty though! Great video!

    I awarded you on my blog btw :) Check it!

  12. I have the not so blueberry polish. I think its a pretty color with the silver specks. :D I dont mind the smell aftrwards, I dont think it bothers me. I dont own much nail polishes since I'm a mommy. Its hard taking care of your nails when you have to cook, clean, watch your toddler and pick up after him. Its bad, so once in a blue moon I'll drop by the nail section at a drugstore and buy something. :) But I've seen you post all your nail colors and I think a lot of your choices are nice. :) Fall is here, I wonder what you will get now.


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