November 7, 2011


I stumbled acrossed these interesting shaped bottles of nail polish called "Bootie Babe" a few months ago on one of the many nail blogs I follow. BB is based out of San Francisco.
I entered the company's giveaway through Twitter (when they were still in prototype process), and guess what I was one of the winners. lol Thanks to the creator, I got to see the production bottle itself without any polish or logos.

Bf and I got a kick out of them because they're so semi-inappropriate looking front and back!! lol
I wonder what my mom would think of them.
I picked out Lilac Lunatic, and Brink of Pink
They are priced at $6 a bottle. I think it would be a funny gift to give to one of your besties.
It's worth at least a few good laughs. lol
Could you have guessed that the creator is a man?
Bottle got back..
They definitely stand out in terms of nail polish packaging.
I do not like how short the brush handle is on these polishes because it makes it hard to paint.
If you have OPI mini nail polishes, you'll know what I'm talking about in terms of difficulty of use. They need to do something about the tops of these bottles. They don't protect the nail polish enough in my opinion. My Lilac bottle arrived a bit gooey and dried out around the top.
I think it's a great novelty item that I could see being sold at Spencer's.
I tried the lilac and the color came out really nice. I'm impressed by how glossy this nail polish looks without top coat. It's also why it reminds me a bit of Zoya nail polish, but with a much thicker formula. The neon pick formula looks really different from this one though. It's more of a matte finish.
Overall, these are nail polishes packaged in little bottles that look like butts! HAHA
May I ask what your thoughts are on these Bootie Babes? Creative idea?
Would you buy these?!


  1. The colors you picked out look great, but I don't think I'd buy them. The bottles shapes are pretty funny though!

  2. LOL! The bottles look so funny!!! Actually, the polish itself looks amazing on your nails! Gees! :)

  3. hahaha these are funny! i need to look for them to add to my collection just for shits and giggles!

  4. Lol I would buy 1 I think just to have a butt polish bottle!

  5. Of course my city would make something like this.. OF COURSE ahahhahaha

  6. You're right- I can see this being at Spencer's too! haha & wow the bottle has a nice round bum.

  7. Thanks for the post Steph!

    We are already working on the second bottle and cap design which will address the issues you mentioned.

    The bottle will also be larger (.5 oz compared to the current .31 oz).

    Our next shipment will arrive in the Spring of 2011 with new colors as well!

    BB Cosmetics

  8. @Bootie Babe Cosmetics I can't wait to see the new bottles! Thanks for stopping by and for the comment. :)

  9. Lol. Love them bootie bottles but I can see where the packaging kind of sucks for when you're applying it. That's barely a handle. When you get a chance can you swatch the pink one too? These are both great colors.

  10. @Fannie I will post swatches soon of Brink of Pink. :)

  11. HA HA HA so immature. But I'm impressed by the final look. So smooth and glossy!

  12. Lol, i was laughing while looking at the bottles. But the color are pretty

  13. Creative idea! I'd be slightly scared that visitors to my apt would think at first glance that this was a sex toy HAHA

  14. Haha I'd totally buy something like that just for the fun of it. The colours actually look really pretty. Nice!

  15. OMG, that "Gone Gonzo" is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I must add that to my list! :)

    Ah, I get so excited when I come across a local blogger! :) Represent Seattle, what what? Hahaa..

    And your jewelry is so beautiful! I think I might have to order some for some upcoming birthdays. :D

  16. oh my goodness i would look and rave about your naisl but your dogs, they steal the scene! :D


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