November 16, 2011

Nicole by OPI, "All Kendall-ed Up"

"All Kendall-ed Up"
I would describe this as a magenta pink with a cream finish. It's a more mature pink polish making it very wearable. I prefer more vibrant pink polishes so this came off a bit dull for my hands and nails. I did get a compliment from an older sales lady at the Men's RL department at Macy's yesterday! She seems to really like it. : )
If you're in the market for a standard magenta pink with a cute name, this is it.
To me, the polish isn't very outstanding compared to the others in the collection. There are so many colors in this Kardashian Kolor Collection so it has a little bit for everyone.

My favorite thing about this polish is most definitely the cute name, "All Kendall-ed Up."

Close up with flash

The Kardashian Kolor is exclusive to Walmart so check it out the next time you're there.
If you've never been to Walmart, go! We don't have too many Walmart stores in the Seattle area so it's always fun to explore the store when we're there. :D
Photo taken by my friend Marisa! :)

Boots & Barkley puffy vest for dogs at Target, $9.99 each.
They make the best dog outerwear!Wally is in the orange, Timmy in green. : )

They're the loves of my life!


  1. Your nails are stunning! Love the doggie coats too!

  2. LOVE the doggy coats! so cute!

  3. oh it's soooo pink!!! didn't know the 2 younger kardashian girls took part in this collection lol. awwww the doggies look so warm & cozy i their coats!

  4. They're like a modern barbie pink. And those little doggy coats are so darling that if I had a dog, I'd have a whole closet of dog clothes!

  5. nice! i should pick up this one :) (not like i don't have a million other pink polishes -_-"!) ahhh!! lol i must try this one! MINE MINE MINE! :D btw miss hanging with ya and the boys!

  6. @JC Thank you! ^_^ I have added 2 sweaters to the boy's collection of outerwear. lol

    @eri :D Do you dress up your dog? Or is the weather too perfect for clothes? LOL

    @ShinyPrettyThings I'm glad the two little sisters were included! It adds a bit of freshness to the "Kardashian" brand. :D

    @Rites of Beauty Get a dog!! ^^

    @Marisa I still need to swing by Walmart to check out the display. :) I hope to see you soon! Drive safely in this crazy weather!!

  7. oh my,the younger siblings of the kardashian clan really grew up! taller than their sisters XD love the pink,does it work for darker skin ppl? to me it looks more of a color for fair skin.

  8. just in time for the holidays! Love all the GLITTER! xoxo

  9. Sweaters for dogs? OMG, the cutest Steph!!!!!! =D I love Target for everything!

  10. I wish I didnt see this now I want the polishes! You have fabulous nails!!!

  11. Thanks Tali! You should get them!! Totally worth it <3

  12. Wow.. these polishes are lush!! And your doggy is sooooo cute!!! :)


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