February 10, 2012

My New Wall Mount Nail Polish Display!

Hey everyone! I finally found the perfect wall nail polish rack last weekend. : )
I asked Vannie where to find one and she took me to a Vietnamese beauty supply store in Portland, Oregon.

I put up a few of the polishes I had in one box to show you what it looks like. :D I am going to organize and fill it up with the rest of my polish stash!
We navigated our way through the supply store and found 3 different styles! I picked the one that held 90 nail polishes. :D  You do need a cosmetology license to purchase in the beauty supply store at the wholesale price. My family and relatives owns nail salons (surprise, surprise) so I grew up speaking Vietnamese while shopping at Viet owned beauty supplies stores. If you sound like you know what you're talking about, you could pass for a nail tech. lol
I got a fantastic deal because they sell online/Ebay for around $60-70 with shipping.  I did my research on this one!  I was hesitent to order online because some of the nail displays have print on them, saying "Nail Polish Station" in red...so yeah..no. I just wanted the basic, clean, clear polish holder. I'm so happy to have a simple acrylic wall mount to hold my nail polishes! I need to get another one because I ran out of space already!

If you're interested in getting a nail polish display like mine, I would suggest calling your local nail beauty supply shops.  If you're from Chicago, IL,I know there are a lot of Viet owned nail supply shops on Argyle Street in Viet town.  I used to take trips with my parents all the time growing up in Michigan.  Don't forget to bring your cosmotologist friend or family member! I remember in Chicago they wouldn't sell at the wholesale price without proof of a cosmetlogy license.

Van and I will find out how much shipping will cost in the US, and maybe she can help get one for you if you are in the market.
E-mail me if you're interested nguyenst@msu.edu and I can try my best to help!

 Homer says, "Nice Wall Mount Nail Polish Display!"
It's made from high quality acrylic. I would say the quality is not as fabulous as my Clear Cube, but it's a step up from my the acrylic on my MUJI 5 Drawer Storage Units. I hope that's helpful to you.
 It comes wrapped in bubble wrap, with styrofoam on the 4 corners, and in this white box.
You don't need to mount it on the wall, but I wanted to save space.
It doesn't come with screws, so be sure to pick up 4 if you plan on mounting your new nail polish rack! :D 
Thank you my handy boyfriend! :)
 My OPI & Nicole by OPI polishes take up a full rack!  I will share more photos with you in the near future. We're still in the unpacking process! Have a fantastic Friday, and a wonderful weekend!

p.s. I think my comment section is fixed now. I was playing around with the settings, but somehow I disabled all comments. : / I'm so not internet savvy. lol


  1. i think i might need one of these!! would love seeing all the colors on display rather than jumbled in a plastic bin!! xo

  2. yayyyy the display looks so pretty!! i love when stuff is made out of nice, clear acrylic lol looks so sleek!

  3. @fifi I agree! I really like being able to see all my polishes. :)

    @Jill Let me know if you do! I would love to see pictures of your nail polish collection. :D

    @Dorothy I'm addict to clear acrylic! lol I would love to get some ghost chairs some day! :)

  4. Love the display! I think i need one for my polishes too. If you don't mind me asking, how much did you get yours for since there's a couple of Vietnamese nail supply stores where i live.

  5. @Pong E-mail me if you're interested! :)

  6. I love it and need one badly. I just dont want to pay the price. Hoping to find a cheaper alternative.

  7. oh my so fancy lol where on earth are you going to put the other one!? it looks PERFECT though!

    love hearing the little things you guys do to make your house your home. =) make sure to keep us posted!!

  8. This is the coolest thing ever! Congrats on moving into your new home. You must be so excited :D

  9. I definitely need to get my hands on one of these! I've been thinking of different ways to store my polishes more efficiently, but I need to find it at a good price.. Everything in Canada is significantly more expensive than in the states :(

  10. Ooooo yummy!

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    Confessions Of A City Girl

  11. you and I both! Pinterest gives me way to many ideas haha

  12. I've been craving macaroons lately... these just make me want to rush out to the nearest bakery and buy some!


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