February 18, 2012

Pinterest Wish List: Shoes.

I'm currently obsessed with Pinterest!
You pin all these beautiful photos onto your "inspiration" boards and categorize them based on theme. 
For example, "Dream House" you can pin, and like photos of anything and everything relating to your idea of a dream home. : ) It's super fun!  My favorite board of the moment is my "My Style" board that I created just yesterday.  I've pinned all the beautiful things I would love to own, or at least look at in my Pinterest board! I'm still very new, but I'm learning as I go.  It's not too hard to figure out once you get the hang of it.  I neglected my Pinterest for a few months after creating it because I didn't really know what it was at the time. lol  My friend Stephanie kept raving about Pinterest so I gave it another shot. : ) I couldn't be more happy to have figured it out. :D

And because of Pinterest, these are a few pairs of shoes I wouldn't mind wearing on my feet this year!
 Marc Jacobs Glitter Mouse Flats
*I have no idea why I don't already own a pair?!*
 Sam Edelman Renzo Booties
I saw these for the first time on Pinterest and fell head over heels! 
I had the Lorissa peep toe pumps in black, but they were too heavy for me.
Maybe the boot structure will help keep them on my feet!
Prada Puffer-Bow Ballerina Flats


  1. lol i love your pinterest! i got my invite just now and i was floored at how many things you "pinned" already! i wanted to leave you a comment about pinterest and what do you know, you already have a whole blog on it!

    and i LOVE the site! i feel like its just the feeling you get when you read blogs, minus the reading. lol like you get to see all the nice pictures of people's hauls and interests, but without the silly words! haha jk i love the picture you pinned of miranda kerr and her prada bag. that picture actually started my love for prada!

    and the adorable prada bow ballet slippers and the ferragamo flats Lisa has.

    bah this site is addicting. what have you done? lol

  2. I love Pinterest as well! I have soo many boards for inspiration, its crazy! Love the shoes..


  3. @Gjee I'm on Pinterest right now! lol I need to download the app so I can pin on the go! Haha! How is everything going with you?! Any new purchases lately? :)

    @Mary Thanks! What's your s/n on Pinterest? I'd love to follow! :D

  4. I've also had a pinterest for a while after hearing people rave about it, but mine is still bare! You're motivating me to start pinning stuff LOL. I also love those mouse flats, I've been dying to get a pair!

  5. @Annie I'm so addicted to Pinterest! lol It's so fun! I love looking at all the pictures. :) Have fun with it! What's your s/n?

  6. Haha, you forgot to mention you're obsessed with ombre cakes!

    I've been wanting the mouse flats for the longest time! I have a friend that bought them, and she said the glitter goes everywhere and it's all over the house.. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't be so hesitant to buy them!

  7. I just got on pinterest this week and my goodness, it's very addictive. Joining yours now to check more things when I should be doing something more productive (working!)

  8. heart this post!! hahaha muhahah when do i not love shoes.. omgosh i've never seen the sam edelman's in bootie form SOOO ADORBS!

  9. Wow I absolutely love that green . Looks amaizng on you baby girl :)

  10. Whaaat? You are on Pinterest? Going to follow you right now! Love the Prada flats...adorbs!


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