February 3, 2012

YSL Love Arty Ring Reserved!

Hey ladies! I have a quick update for you!
I contacted YSL online, and they replied telling me the ring is sold out. BUT they did tell me the YSL New York Boutique is expecting a shipment soon. I called NY, spoke with Navin and phone ordered my very own YSL Limited Edition Love Arty Ring! NYC is expecting a shipment soon, call Navin 212-980-2970.

The ring retails for $250. *Yay for not hiking up the price for an LE item YSL!*

They will only mail it to your credit card billing address.

In other news!
We're living in our new house now! Everything is great, however unpacking is so much work!
I'll be back to full time blogging soon!! :D

My quarter of a century birthday is coming up in 2 months!! Ahh!
My birthday wish is for you, my fabulous friends to research your local animal shelter, or animal humane society. : )
It would make me incredibly happy if you could find out what type of cat or dog food your local shelter feeds their animals and drop off a generous bag of food for them!

The Seattle Humane Society prefers Costco pet food, but they appreciate any donations.
They take pet clothes, beds, cages, food, generosity in general!

That is what I want for my birthday!!
You can also mail me a card or letter if you'd like at:

DSK Steph
PO BOX 4187
Bellevue, WA 98009

I'm making it my goal to reply to everyone who mails me this year!! :)

Thank you for all your love!
Talk to you later lovelies!


  1. omgosh yay!! your new love ring is so pretty so exciting!!!

    eeks congrats on moving into your new place babe!!!

    i love your birthday wish that is SO SWEET!!

  2. love. love. LOVE the ring! the stone looks so gorgeous and multi-dimensional, especially compared to the others!

  3. Oooh, be sure to post pictures when you receive it. An Arty ring is definitely on my wishlist! :)


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