April 24, 2012

OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse, "I'm All Ears"

Hello!  My nail polish of the week is from the OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection, and it is called, "I'm All Ears."  I adore this shimmery red magenta polish, but it doesn't show up as true to color as it should!  It's more on the deep pink side of colors.  The formula is outstanding because you can get beautiful coats of polish effortlessly. ^_^
I don't have any fun pictures to share at the moment as I am iPhone-less, and camera battery less!  After the big move, I cannot find any of my camera batteries. Yikes!
I'm trying to get organized but it's just so hard when you just don't care enough about organization!  It's literally an obstacle course getting from my bed to my closet.  I should be embarrassed, but I am not.. :( Why?  It's like days of emotional depression..there's no reason you are sad, but you just can't help but be sad?
How can I overcome my lack of will power to clean my bedroom?  I don't know what to do with myself!  I think I need someone to nag at me to tidy up!
In other news, Timmy, Wally, and Nickel are back home!  I slept downstairs on the couch with all three dogs last night. lol  Timmy and Wally (2 years old) are trained not to go upstairs so I stayed downstairs with them. :)  I love my dogs!
I'm extremely happy the weather is clearing up and getting amazing outside.  We love to take the dogs out to the many Seattle dog parks. Everyday should be warm and sunny, not just 3 months of the year Seattle!

I did get an amazing surprise in the mail yesterday from my customer/friend Joanne. :)
She wrote me a very sweet card, and sent me some very nice beauty products!
I can't wait to try out all the polishes she sent me, especially the yellow OPI polish!  She also sent me the Lioele Blooming Lipgloss!  I've always saw beauty bloggers rave about the blooming gloss and now I have one of my very own.  Thank you so much for the love Joanne!  You definitely know how to make one feel appreciated. <3

I'll try my best to find my camera batteries because I have so many new things to share with you!
I'll catch you all next time. :) Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. STEPH!!! Why do you feel down? :( has something been bothering you?? Its true that sometimes you can feel down just for no reason, due to a chemical imbalance. Things like eating properly and exercising (blegh, i know right?) will help counteract that. Lots of junk food tend to make you feel lethargic or if you have an allergy to a certain food like lactose or gluten, it'll make you feel extremely bloated and tired all the time. Plus, if you have low iron levels, you'll feel really tired all the time. Are you getting a good amount of it? I know you get sushi a lot lol but red meat/leafy greens too? Plus, exercising releases endorphins. Also one of the most healthiest things you can do is to keep your self on a schedule. The doctor responsible for Lance Armstrong's recover and keeping Steve Jobs alive for years after his diagnosis stressed how important it is to have a strict schedule!! I can go on and on, haha

    Anyways, I am here to talk :) On blogger or fb :) :)

  2. @Gjee No worries! I'm fine, I was just comparing my lack of joy I find in the idea of cleaning my room!

    I haven't been sad/depressed since my high school / college days. Thank goodness! How have you been? What have you been up to?? :)

    I do think I need to set a more strict schedule! Sometimes, I have too much free will to do whatever during the day that I get bored. lol

    I've been going on morning walks lately (that's when I run into fun little critters like that kitten!), but the weather has been so blahh in Seattle. The walks aren't nearly as nice as the sunny day walks. I also love Zuzka Light workout videos on Youtube! She kicks ass and I feel so much stronger after following her weekly workouts.

    Let me hear your daily schedule! I'm sure I could learn a lot more from you!


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