May 25, 2012

My 2012 Wish List

I have cut back on my shopping habit, but that doesn't mean I have to cut down the length of my wish list!  I linked everything for you if you fancy. ;)
"Golden Shadow Mix Crystal Wrap Bracelet on Natural Brown Leather" $240
I've been waiting for the perfect one Chan Luu, and what's more me than a bracelet with Swarovski Crystals! :D
Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet -AB
"Crystal AB Wrap Bracelet on Natural Brown Leather" $240
I can't decide between the two bracelets!  What do you think? Crystal AB or the Golden Shadow Mix Crystal bracelet? :D
Custom Strassed (Swarovski) KitchenAid Mixer, $2000 
It's $1700 if you provide the mixer lol

Over 10,000 Swarovski Crystals were applied. I read that it took the woman behind "Bling Diva Designs" 22 hours of labor. It would be a very expensive DIY project for sure.  

Sniffany & Co Dog Bed, $120
I would never pay this much for a doggie bed, but it's just so cute!  My boys would totally destroy it.  But I think it's the cutest bed for a sweet, well behaved little girl dog. :)  Did you know they have Koko Chewnel dog toys too? haha


Sam Edelman 'Garisson' Sandal, Rose Gold $129.95
I first saw these sandals online and then went to Nordstrom to check them out.  They're really cute in person!  It looks very well made, and I also read really great reviews about them.  I have the 'Gigi' sandals which shares the same sole, and they are pretty darn comfy.  I have several pairs of Sam Edelman shoes and they all have been very true to size. I didn't take them home yesterday and that is why they're still on my wish list. :)  I like the Rose Gold color, but they also come in Silver.  I super love the style, very Greek Goddess like!  But I like wedge sandals because they are more flattering to wear in the warm months.  I'm trying to be more ladylike. ^_^ 

Kate Spade New York "Aubrey" Wrap Dress, $438
This is such a gorgeous silk wrap dress!  The print and the color is right up my alley.  I love purple. :)  Wrap dresses are very figure flattering as well! I would love to own a DVF wrap dress someday too.

It's made with Swarovski Crystals!  I've wanted this for a few years now, and have probably blogged about it several times. lol  I swear the price keeps going up!  I've seen it in person more than once at Design Within Reach, and have seen it on sale once in the past.  I'm pretty sure I can make something like this for a fraction of the price with some help.  It looks so good!  I definitely envision this chandelier in my dream closet and bathroom. :)  A girl can dream, can't she?
What did you like more? The Swarovski KitchenAid Mixer or Swarovski Chandelier? :D  

Le Creuset Signature 10-Piece Cookware Set, $999.95-$1250
I have no idea what color to get yet, but I still have a lot of time before I make that decision. :)
I've been spending a lot more time in the kitchen now, and I really want to teach myself how to be a decent cook.  I look forward to splurging on some cookware someday.  I currently have a 3 year old standards set of pots and pans from Costco.  I like my set, but I accidentally burnt the bottom of one of my pots. : /  Never leave the stove unattended!  I learned the hard way.

House of Harlow 1960 Abalone Stations Necklace/Two Tone $150-$225
I have the black leather version and I love it!  It's one of my favorite statement necklaces.  I really want to see the Abalone version in person, but it's been really hard to find in stores. 

ghd Purple Peacock Spring/Summer 2012 
I already own the limited edition pink & white ghd flat iron from a few years ago. But the new Purple Peacock edition has black and purple which are my favorite colors! I want to trade it in! I recently made a custom "Peacock" themed DSK Everything Bracelet for a customer too.  Vannie and I also saw a Peacock run across the street in Vancouver, WA last month!  It's fate!! jk

I love the little shiny black dot details on the styler and the purple plate! I've never seen the plate guard.  Mine didn't come with that, but it did come in a similar box and travel case.  If you have been waiting to get a ghd, consider one from the Peacock Collection.  ghd has won the InStyle Best Hair Straightener Beauty Buy award for nine years running, after all. ;)

Minh asked me if it's the Cadillac of flat irons?  I said, it's from the UK so it's more like the Aston Martin of flat irons. I actually did a little research on this and ghd is heralded as the "Aston Martin of Haircare." ^_^ Go me!

"Make A Statement This Season with Peacock"
Available in three colourways – deep amethyst purple, rich emerald green and dazzling sapphire blue – each Peacock collection features a ghd Gold Classic styler with coloured plates and accents and a protective plate guard, along with a luxe storage bag and roll mat. Embellished with tonal Peacock embroidery and trimmed with sleek silver hardware, this heat-resistant satin roll bag protects your styler when not in use, while the heat mat provides a safe resting place during styling. This Peacock Purple limited edition features the ghd Gold Classic styler with purple plates and accents and a co-ordinating purple roll bag and heat mat.
I have been very into haircare these days, but I wish I was naturally good at styling my hair.  My only hair skills include curling or straightening. I have many styling tools as most of you already know, but I do treasure my ghd the most because it really is one of the best out in there market (and the investment was a pretty penny). They do come with a 2 year manufacturers guarantee.  Cheers for everyday high end haircare. ;D

You can find the ghd Peacock Collection at, Sephora, and Nordstrom. 


  1. Love that mixer! I'd be afraid of using it for fear of the crystals going in my food. haha

  2. It would be the for "display" mixer. lol

  3. I want... NEED that mixer!~!!!

  4. I like the Golden Shadow one more than the Ab.. but its hard to decide without seeing them in person! i was going to suggest buying them from bloomingdales since they have a 20% off coupon but i'm not sure if they have the one with swarovski crystals!? it just says "crytals". awful description =\ i'll keep a look out on hautelook for you since chan luu comes around every so often!

    and ugh i love the cellula chandelier! maybe you can find one at a garage sale? haha i remember i tweeted you when i saw the chandelier on Million dollar Listing NY! It looked so beautiful and of course it was in a million dollar home haha did you ever get to see it?

    i was actually watching videos randomly yesterday about how to crystallize your phone, etc. it doesn't look that difficult!? lets just try it haha i mean 22 hours of bedazzling equals years of looking at something pretty, right!? its artwork, our version of a monet haha

    and i love GHD too! I got one in 2008 and its still going strong! they didn't have as many accessories back then though. the ones sephora used to carry were so neat with the storage bag, heating pad, hair clips, plate guard, etc. i own the white one too actually and all it came with was a crappy case! lets upgrade!!! but wait why do you have two? did they get you with the accessories and the pretty colors? :)

  5. Die to have that mixer, but in purple! I also always wanted a chan luu bracelet, but could never pull the trigger because it's so overpriced! They're always on gilt, but it still seemed too much so I made my own! You're so crafty, I'm sure you could make it too!

  6. ohhhhh that mixer is so badass. i want one too!!! idk how i'd clean it though LOL

  7. Ah I love that chandelier, it's a modern take, or hybrid, of the classic chandelier with studio track lighting. I think you could definitely make your own!

  8. everything you have on ur wish list...i want as well <3 XD


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