June 5, 2012

Nails, Lashes, Life!

Deborah Lippmann The Stripper To Go...for go-go girls. The name of this little packet of polish remover is so funny!
1 mitt did eventually clean all my finger nails, but it did take a little bit of pressure to get all my polish off.  You have to work fast because I feel like the polish remover evaporated or dried up rather quick.
I really like the lavender scent, it made the acetone a little less harsh (you know, that acetone punch in the face smell).
The finger mitt is great because you can clean the nail inside the mitt while working on another nail.  I had on one of my favorite polishes, OPI "Glitzerland" *Please excuse my dry fingers!*

OPI "My Boyfriend Scales Walls"
This color is perfect if you want a white manicure!

OPI "My Boyfriend Scales Walls" (My favorite from the Spider-Man Collection.) This polish is the perfect white for your nails.  It has a hint of grey in it (to my eyes anyhow) and it doesn't give you that "white out" look.  I also love using it to create white polka dots too!  I think this is a good OPI alternative to "Alpine Snow" white nail polish. 
OPI "Need Sunglasses?"  Thank you to my girl friend Jo for this nail polish! :)
The polish is pretty darn thin so you will need 3 coats to get it to look "good."  It's not a very neon yellow, it's more of the standard yellow smiley face yellow, yield sign yellow, or sunflower yellow!

I really am happy with the results of eye lash serums!  I feel really confident with my longer lashes.  I am always really happy after I apply mascara. :) My everyday eye makeup pretty much looks the same...simple and boring, but I'm comfortable with it!

Thank you Maximum Lash eye serum.  I like that my lashes have a "natural" flair or wisp to them now, instead of just being little stubs of hairs coming out of my eyes. lol I am sad Walgreens online no longer carries it.  This lash serum has worked very well for me and I did not have any side effects (knock on wood).  I do want to try some more lash serums such as RapidLash, and maybe even Latisse. Our lashes are said to shed every 30 days, but I have noticed that if you apply maximum lash day and night, you will notice longer lashes in a matter of days! There are days where my lashes look incredibly long, and then days they look shorter from shedding, it's kind of crazy if you pay attention while using the lash serum. The lenses I'm wearing are the GnG/Dueba NBT2 Black Circle Lenses ($20) from KiwiBerry1's Collection       
Life has been pretty steady lately.  I'm just waiting for the sun to shine again in Seattle.  We've had rain and clouds for the past two day.  I haven't been out for a long walk or bide ride in a few days.  I crave it!  I like to take time out of my day to just breathe outside.  Minh and I did go to the Point Defiance Zoo last Saturday.  There were so many parents with baby strollers!  I'm glad we can now check that off our list of things to do in Washington.  On Sunday, we spent the day with Minh's cousins from out of town.  We ate at Hue Ky Mia Gia (one of the best Viet/Chinese noodle houses) in the International District of Seattle.  Their fried tofu, and braised duck noodle soup is the best. Afterwards, we took them through Pike Place Market, the waterfront, and then enjoyed some shaved ice at Facing East in Bellevue. :)

I did have the privilege of spending time with my "business guru" girl friend yesterday. I can't even begin to tell you how accomplished she is for being so young!  I adore spending time with her and learning from her.  She makes me feel so motivated to work hard to make money to invest. Some people are so driven and it's wonderful to be around them!  I'm never hit with the lazy bug after spending a day with her. :D  

In other news, I finally picked up Essie Turquoise & Caicos! ^_^
Swatches coming soon!


  1. those d.lippmann nail glove thingies look so cool and useful! i remember you posting on her techique of nail polish removal and my life hasn`t been the same since haha. i could definitely see how they might dry out before you can get the full usage out of them. i also put "my boyfriend scales walls" on my list! i love when you do these nail posts cause they`re probably my favorite. i didn`t realize that this one wasn`t pure white, so i totally passed by it. i don`t normally like opi either `cause i feel like it`s so thick, but your nails look PERFECT! and omgahhhhh those are your real lashes!?!?!? SO JEALOUS! i tried serums before but none have ever worked for me like yours! i think i might have to try the ones you`ve been using!

  2. the wipes seem like a good idea for acrylics, if they were strong enough. and i love your eye makeup with your glasses. it's always nice to have a friend to motivate you to better yourself :) is she a business owner? and I hope you get your entries in for my Summer Fun Giveaway! : )

  3. i love reading your blog, you know that? :) ps i just picked up essie turquoise and caicos this past weekend too! warning though.. you need 3-4 coats to completely cover your nails -_- took forever to dry.. even with my seche vite topcoat :( but it's been 4 days with minimal chipping :)


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