August 28, 2012

OPI: "Deutsche You Want Me Baby"

"Deutsche You Want Me Baby" is my favorite polish from the OPI Germany Collection.  It the absolute perfect color for Autumn!

"Deutsche You Want Me Baby"
A self-assured shade of shimmering red-orange
OPI Germany Collection
Fall/Winter 2012
If I could only pick one polish from this collection, it would be this one! :)

 Wally came back from the groomer's a completely different dog!  He's ready to go wild at the dog park now! :)


  1. poor wally!! he look so sad and cold now lol did something happen for him to be shaved on his face too?? I have 2 yorkies and they get so cold whenever their fur gets too short lol

  2. @Gjee He had a lot of fun outside playing fetch. He gets so dirty in the Summer especially if he goes swimming and then rolls around in the dirt! Now he looks like Nickel!

  3. oh my god.. amazing and very lovely blog :)
    Im following you now, mind to follow back? Kisses :*

  4. Total fan of that color. Your nails are just too amazing, though!

    I just got a trimmer for Yoshi. I'm gettin skilled at grooming him!


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