October 9, 2012

Shinny Grey Circle Lens

LensVillage.com sent me a pair of circle lenses of my choice and I picked out the Dueba Puffy 3 Tones Grey or Shinny Grey lenses.
 The lenses arrived on October 5th from Malaysia.  They were shipped out around September 19th to me in the USA. I wanted to give you a time reference in case you decided to order. :)
I always think it's fun to see stamps from different countries.
 Everything arrived perfectly secure just like they should.
 I love the animal lens cases! I think the one I got is a bear. :) They're just too cute!
The packaging on the little glass vials have gotten much more friendly.
 My prescription is still (-6.50, -6.50) however, I'm due for an eye exam pretty soon.
 The diameter of the Shinny Grey lenses are 14.5mm, which is my favorite for circle lenses. Any bigger and there's a higher chance of them popping out of your eye if you turn too fast, or look too hard to the side.