November 18, 2012

Dog Blog: PawBag!

The cutest box yet! The packaging from all the boxes I've received this November has brightened up even the gloomiest of Seattle days.

This post is for my Aussie & New Zealand friends! PawBag is from Australia!
They are working on expanding their reach Internationally early next year, and I'm glad to be able to share their adorable box with you right now.
ClawBag for cats will be available this month! I see on the PawBag website that you can enter your e-mail for the latest updates on the ClawBag. We don't want the cats to miss out on the fun either!

 The gingerbread toy is definitely popular with Wally.
 Smell test!
Just a side note, we didn't pick out the was already there. lol
 I think Wally's okay with his new "beauty products."
 Wally is not shy, he's gets into his boxes. lol
We love unboxing packages!

 He always goes for the toys!
 I think Wally approves!
 Everything we got in our November PawBag.
 Organic Rope Toy, love the handwritten tag. The silver marker is very festive!

 Every month PawBag subscribers/customers literally get a cute PawBag filled with all the wonderful gifts for your four legged friend or friends! I think you get a different color bag every month.
Now the dogs can have their own bags for travel, and for the dog park.
 Our friend at PawBag knew that I had three doggies so they included three of their holiday gingerbread toys for them! Everyone gets their own so no one gets toy snatched! Haha! It was such a sweet gesture. Thank you Holly!
 Healthy treats! We can never have too many treats. : )
 This is the first doggie box where we got some grooming essentials!
I'm absolutely excited to try something new because the boys current use an oatmeal shampoo by the Paul Mitchell pet line called John Paul Pets. Vannie and I actually found the John Paul line at our favorite people beauty supply, CosmoProf. I don't like the smell of the oatmeal shampoo (it's a miss for us, so to all the doggie mom and dad's out there..pick a different scent because the bottle lasts foreverrrr) at all so I'm so glad we got some new shampoo & conditioner for the boys. These smell so much better!
 The brand is called Bone Soul, and I appreciate the pump!  It makes my life so much easier when it comes bath time for the boys at home. We bath the boys in the laundry room sink since it's the perfect size for our little guys.
 The Portable Pet Bowl is another product in our box I was excited about! I can leave this in our car for the dog park days.
We all love going out to Magnuson Dog Park in Seattle when the weather is nice. It's like a trail for people that leads to Lake Washington where all dogs can be off leash. On a beautiful Seattle day you can see at least a hundred dogs and their owners! It's so much fun!

You get nearly $100 worth of products in each monthly surprise box for your doggie for $39.50 per month.
The PawBag ships free across Australia, and they even ship to New Zealand! Worldwide shipping will be available next year like I mentioned above. : )
PawBag seems to be very popular in Australia because their PawBag Facebook page has well over 7,000 fans!
 Thank you PawBag for making out day with this awesome doggie bag!
Nickel, Timmy & Wally : )
 Timmy's creepin' lol, I love this pic!


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  2. @Marisa My family's dog Heidi is the same way! She's such a picky eater. She only eats her food, what my mom gives her, or Bacon Treats! She won't eat many other treats. lol

    You can bring Nickel to work with you and spends some quality time together. ;D

  3. You find the coolest stuff Steph! I never heard of PawBag! I learn more and more everytime I visit your blog! haha.. :)

    The portable dog dish is so convenient! We carry one for Kobi everytime we go on a walk or take him anywhere!

    xo - Sheila

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  5. @Sheila Thanks Sheila! One of my favorite things about blogging is finding out cool new things from other blogs, and sharing what I find here. :D

    I just picked up a new little water bottle/bowl for the boys at Target! I'll post a pic in my next doggie blog post! ^_^

  6. I can't wait to see!! I heart Target! :)

    xo - Sheila

  7. I love that all of the sudden, i have like 5-6 blogpost from you to read! *rubs hands together* lol

  8. @Thao LOL! You are so funny! Thanks for reading. :) <3

  9. omgohs i love this!! so sweet that they included 3 gingerbread toys!!!

    steph your fur babies are soooooooooooooooooooooo so cute!! OMG so cute i love the pics of them exploring their box of new treasures hahah :)

  10. Your dog is so cute and I love the concept of a paw bag. So cute!

    Suzie Q


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