November 5, 2012

Dog Blog: PawBox

Hi everyone!  I'm introducing my new "Dog Blog" series today featuring Timmy and Wally.  My three boys: Timmy, Wally, and Nickel will be making a few more appearances to share their latest hauls with you. ^_^
I hope you enjoy the photos!
PawBox is a premium monthly subscription gift box service for your pup!
It's $10/month, and you can pick from the different subscription options.
I personally reached out to the friendly people at PawBox, and they are willing to offer my readers 50% off their first box!
Coupon Code: DSKPAWBOX
I love the little paw print tissue paper!  
In case you were wondering, the adorable PawBox arrived in an USPS Priority bubble mailer from sunny California.
 Timmy, Wally, and Nickel's new treats and ball!
 My box included some vitamins, snacks (Salmon Treats, Freeze Dried Beef), one food coupon, and a dental rope ball. : )

**Update** I called PetPros to see if they had the Primal Starter Pak in stock and they're ordering it in for us. It arrives tomorrow! I got so excited because the sales clerk told me this coupon was a really good value!
 Timmy's scoping out what he wants from the box.
    They really liked these salmon treats!  My dogs are Pacific Northwest dogs after all!
We love our salmon up here. ;)
Wally, my little athlete, of course went for the toy ball. 

 Wally and Timmy are both Maltese Chihuahua mixes so they often get the tear stains around their eyes. I used to sprinkle Angel Eyes on their food and it would go away. We recently ran out and the tear stains came back so quickly. Does anyone know of another product or home remedy to get rid of the tears?  I read about adding apple cider vinegar to their water..but I don't know how they'll like the smell.

 I can confirm that Wally likes his Amazing Tooth Saver rope toy!

Wally bear and his lil curly tail.
 Timmy looking more Chihuahua in the picture above. lol Look at those buggy eyes!
My other half always has something to say about my frequent gas consuming trips to the pet stores. I can't help but spoil my pets since they're pretty much my furry children. 
Doggie subscription boxes are my solution to his problem. =^_~= 
Clever, I know!!

$10/month is a great price for the PawBox gift box. The dogs liked the treats, and Wally for sure loves his new ball.  I couldn't be more happy today. : )

Also...I love receiving packages in the mail, who doesn't?
We appreciate our mail man at my house!

Special thanks to PawBox for the 50% off first month coupon code: DSKPAWBOX


  1. very cute! i love that we both are so great to our kid(s) (=. kimchi does the barkboxes that he loves, have you tried those?

  2. @LC Yes!! I signed up for BarkBox too. I can't wait to get it in the mail. <3

    Kimchi is lucky he doesn't have to share with any brothers! hehe

  3. Woohoo, I signed up! Thanks for the discount code :D This with my barkbox I think my doggies will be thrilled.

  4. @Kae Yay!! I hope you share what your doggies get in their boxes! It's like a surprise every month. ^_^

  5. Beautiful makeup!
    Those MAC eye shadows are amazing!
    Do you want to follow each other?
    If so, follow me and I will follow you back for sure!

  6. Awww cute!! I don't know how I missed this post! I should def look into it. Kobi loves Yummy Chummies!! They sell the whole big bag of them at Costco. And so far he's gone thru two.. haha... great for the coat but stinky salmon breath. :P

    xo - Sheila

  7. @Sheila I had no idea what Yummy Chummies were until now! I'll definitely pick them up a pack at Costco. Thank you for the tip!! :D


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