December 2, 2012

Dog Blog: PetFlow's Spoiled Rotten Box

Timmy was really happy when I opened his Spoiled Rotten box! is an online store that offers pet food delivery. They have over 573k Likes on Facebook! They're a very popular website that delivers happiness to both pets and parents. :)

PetFlow's "Spoiled Rotten" box is a monthly gift club for loving pet parents! Every month, your pet will be sent a box of amazing hand-picked treats, toys and accessories!

This box is huge!!
All edible items are PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA from premium companies. Every box is stuffed full with $40 worth of products for only $24.99 a month. This is the best way to make their tails wag and discover brand new, amazing products from top-notch companies that love your pet as much as you do.
PetFlow's Spoiled Rotten box is available for both dogs and cats!
The next box ships on December 10th so sign up soon if you want to get the best of the December box! True pet lovers spoil their furry friends. :)

Visit them at:
PetFlow's Spoiled Rotten has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN, NBC, and CBS.

 Every pet parent has to love some paw print tissue paper!

  This box had the perfect balance of goodies for both pets and pet parents.
I was so happy to get the Pure Love Sweet Pea Ear Cleanse and the John Paul Waterless Foam Shampoo! Ear cleaner was something we needed and it was a great surprise to find it in our box. :)
Thank you Spoiled Rotten for sending us your amazing November box!

Wally goes for the toys 100% of the time.
 Nickel wants some attention in his holiday sweater!
He's sniffing out the box and I think he has his eye on one of the chews.

" Can I move yet, Mom?"
 My handsome Wallz!
Digging in!
Off he goes with Seth the Skunk Toy!

RoadRageous Seth the Skunk Toy
His name is Seth, and he's a skunk. Seth is Pepe Le Pew's American cousin, and there's only one thing he loves, and it's not other skunks! He loves to be chewed on by dogs, and chewed he will be! Sorry Seth, but you're about to be eaten!

I actually feel bad for Seth after reading his product description. lol
Timmy's turn to raid the box!
He always goes for the treat bags. lol He's my little ham.
 Timmy claimed his brand new Nuts for Knots Rope toy.

Nuts for Knots Rope Dog Toy
It's amazing what makes dogs happy. Some like to dig in the yard. Some like to chew your shoes. But there's one thing that makes all of them happy, and that's to tug on a rope! Be ready for some friendly tug of warm with this awesome rope toy!

It's really fun to watch brothers, Timmy and Wally play a friendly game of tug and war. They're about the same size so it's always fun to place our bets on who the winner will be!
 Timmy ran off with his toy before I could take off the tag!
 November 2012 Spoiled Rotten Box product description!
I love this little newsletter. Every item is included in your gift box.
Treats, treats, treats!
Etta Says Roasted Duck Meat Treats for Dogs
Duck Duck Treat! Etta Says Duck treats are 100% natural and proudly made right here, in the USA. These treats contain no grains, are non-allergenic, and are great for your pup's skin and coat! 

Fancy duck treats!

Lickety Stik Braised Liver Lickable Dog Treat
Ever stick your hand inside a bag of dog treats only to smell your hand after and go, "Eww?" Well, now you don't have to. Just twist off the cap, and hold the Lickety Stik upside down, and your dog can lick their way to yummy goodness, and your hands will be clean! Only 1 calorie in every 10 licks!

The Lickety Stik is such a cool idea!

Waggers - My Little Wolf Turkey Treats
Grain Free. No corn. No Wheat. Made with Real Turkey. Need we say more? These soft and moist treats for dogs will have them doing cartwheels and giving you their paw in no time! Amazing for training and just plan delicious!

Timmy & Wally are very responsive to treat training. : ) Especially, Timmy!

Merrick Natural Beef Dog Chews
You've heard of pig ears, well, now you're about to give your dog beef ears! It's teh new ear on the block. It's 100% natural, fully digestible, non-greasy like a pig ear, and it's flat out delicious.
John Paul Pet Waterless Foam Shampoo for Dogs
If you're like us, then you probably don't like being splashed on by your dog when you give them a bath. Well, with John Paul's Water Foam Shampoo, you don't have to! Just lather and massage in until dry. As with all shampoos, be careful with the area around the eyes and ears!

This will be perfect to use on the boys between baths. The vet says not to bath your dog too often because it can dry out their skin. My boys usually get 2 or 3 baths a month. I do have this awesome coconut spray for dogs that I used on them between baths, but it's nice to be able to try a new product!

Pure Love Sweet Pea Ear Cleanse
A dog's tongue will reach just about everywhere, even some places you didn't expect they could reach. But there's one place where they simply can't get to, and that's inside their ears. So, be a dear, and clean their ears? You'll avoid an unnecessary vet visit!

After every vet visit, I'm always told Wally has sensitive ears. He has to get his ears cleaned more often than Timmy and Nickel. I think it's because he's the most playful and active dogs of our little pack. : )

Video!! ^_^ for more information on this awesome Spoiled Rotten Box for your pet!

Wally made the PetFlow Facebook page with over 573k likers!! I'm such a proud mama!

Yay!! Go Wally! ^_^


  1. Great review Steph! I seriously never heard of these subscription boxes until I read about them on your blog! I love it. :) Gives me more options for Kobi since he has a food diet.

    xo - Sheila

    1. I had no idea there were so many until I started searching for them! I think they're becoming a lot more popular now-a-days since people like us loveee the web! ^_^ I have a few more box to review, and I hope to find more or I hope they find me!

  2. so cute! i have to look into all these boxes! we get barkbox...but shipping takes so long!

    1. We just got our first BarkBox! I'm posting about it in my next doggie blog. :D

  3. OMG this is too cute!! My pups would be thrilled to have all these goodies!!


    1. I can tell you my boys loved getting boxes! They always go right for the toys or chews. :D It makes me happy to unbox with them!

  4. your doggies are seriously the cutest! they make me want a dog but I know they are so much work and I just don't have the time right now :(

    1. Thank you! :) Yeah...pups are like kids. You're stuck with them! :) But that's the best part sometimes!

  5. i need to get this now! i love these monthly subscription boxes! :) never knew they existed for pets until i saw it on your blog.
    oh, i've been reading your blogs for years now and finally decided to comment...oh god, i sound like a creeper.
    btw, your dogs are SO CUTE!! i have two cats but i love dogs just as much. they make me want to get a dog in my life asap!

    1. Hi Ashley!! Thank you for your comment. ^_^ I'm so glad you like the dog boxes! I'm absolutely obsessed! I get more joy getting a box for my dogs than anything for myself. All the boxes we've gotten so far have been nothing but wonderful. I hope find more to review!

      I love cats!! My parents have a cat and I can't wait to surprise him with cat box when I go home to visit. :D

      Thanks again for saying hi! Don't be a stranger now! <3

  6. We need to review a cat box! If I get one I will message you so you can post on it (so of us are kitty people) :)


Thank you for your comments!