December 25, 2012

Five Four Club

Five Four Club is a clothing box for the guys in your life!
 The men's clothes came individually wrapped in a nice white box. I had to get more creative with taking photos because the weather in Seattle has been so cloudy! I figured the best lighting I could get was outside. ; )
 I was really excited when I discovered Five Four Club while researching subscription boxes.
To my guy readers, I think you will be more awesome if you know about Five Four Club. ;D
 They are definitely a cool clothing company that offers some awesome clothes for men.

My lucky significant other got his first surprise box from Five Four Club and thought it was pretty cool that Jay Sean reps their clothing brand. I also think my M was flattered that I thought of him and surprised him with a nice box clothes. : ) His fraternity brothers know Jay Sean!  He's performed at one of their fraternity events. His friends are also DJ's here in Washington State. M is in a multicultural fraternity, but most of the brothers in the frat are Indian (Jay Sean's ethnicity is Indian). M just turned 30 on December 18th. He is still proudly involved in his undergrad fraternity. He's very dedicated and even flies across the country for some of their alumni meetings. He's really great at networking in person, whereas, I do my most of my networking online. : ) Anyhow, I think I won him over with "Jay Sean wears Five Four Club!"
In case you forgot, Jay Sean's hit song, "Down" featuring Lil Wayne [who also wears Five Four.]
Five Four Club have a lot of celebrity fans who wear their brand, see them all here at their website; Taylor Lautner and Zach Efron to name a few! I'm sold!
You start off my taking a style profile quiz, entering your sizes for T-shirts, Button Downs, Denim, and Shoes. I did so for M, and their stylist put together an press box for him based on his taste in men's style.
The boyfriend got 4 different really nice tops in his gift box. He got a Pullover hoodie, Zip-up hoodie, light Jacket, and a long sleeved white shirt with button detailing. I absolutely love the detailing on the clothing he received. I'm big on the detail and color. I'm happy with what we got in our box! They are ideal clothes I like him to wear on weekends or when he's not at work. I was hoping he would get a button down shirt or a pair of denim (read great reviews on their denim), but there's always the chance of getting them in his next box.
They have a point system at Five Four, in each box you get 10 points worth of clothing each month. In the box I received for Minh, they included 20 points worth of clothes for us to better share with you the different styles of tops available.

Button Down (4 points) and Pullover (4 points)
Zip-up Hoodie (6 points) and Jacket (6 points) 

For example, from their Fall season package there was the Zip-up (6 points) and Pullover (4 points) and another box might include the Button Down (4 points) and Jacket (6 points)
Five Four Club's button down shirts look GOOD. They have this red detailing in the button area, and I think it's sexy. The men's clothing they offer is very fresh and stylish (exactly what guy in their 20 somethings should be wearing!) M wears a suit and tie every day to work so it's ultra refreshing for me to see him in normal casual clothes. I'm more casual and laid back, and I like him to match every once in a while!
I knew I wanted to check out Five Four Club because a lot of my guy friends (who happened to be engineers) would always complain about how hard it was to shop for clothes. They didn't know what looked good on them. And I remember one of them saying what looks good on a guy in GQ doesn't always look good on the average person. lol Very true! [Same goes for girls!]

I clearly remember one of my friends saying he wished there was a website where he could buy good looking outfits and always know it will look good. Five Four Club is definitely a solution for the guys who need a little help in the fashion department or just don't want to go shopping. There is a team of personal stylists behind Five Four Club that help curate the outfits in each monthly box.

It's a trendy, unique brand of clothing. Boyfriend and I both agree that their logo is cool.
You can have the option of skipping a month if you're are a member of Five Four Club.
Over time you can build a full wardrobe with the items you get from each monthly box.

I'm glad M was able to add some nice new pieces to his closet. Five Four Club is a more exclusive brand which gives you a sense of being in the know. I love that! I have since introduced one of our mutual friends to Five Four Club. He thought it was a really awesome idea.

For $60 a month, you will receive a different package every month of clothes and/or shoes. The contents of the packages vary every month, so some months a member will receive denim and shirts, another month could be a button-down and shoes. Each box is different from the last hence the surprise factor we all love about subscription boxes. :D

Price: $60/month
Shipping is always free, return and exchanges are easy as stated on their website.
 I contacted Five Four Club, and they offered me a promo code for my readers, and it's "STEPH"
The code will offer you 25% off the first month subscription (that's 25% off $60).
I think Five Four Club would be a great membership to gift your boyfriend, husband, or even brother this holiday. Try it out, you won't be disappointed.
Five Four Club has over 18,000 followers on Twitter.
They have over 12,000 likes on Facebook.
They're kind of a big deal!
They also have one retail store at Westfield Fox Mall in Culver City, CA! If you're in the area check it out in person.
The store reviews sound really good. My friend and I have been researching guy boxes, and they're really a great idea. It solves a lot of problems for guys who don't know what to wear. You've heard this before, but I think subscription boxes are an awesome gift idea for college students.
It's the present, and future of men's fashion. Ask the guys in your life if they've heard of Five Four Club! I think they'll find the idea of the box really awesome because Minh and my guy friends did. 

Happy Holidays!


  1. Merry Christmas darling!

    Love these sweaters from Five Four Club - I might buy some for my boyfriend's next birthday present :)

    1. Merry Christmas Becky! I hope you have a great holiday season and a very Happy New Year! :)

  2. ohh this is awesome! might have to get a box for the hubs! the long sleeved henley is right up his alley!

    1. I love the little details on their clothes, plus..Lil Wayne rocks their gear!


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