January 19, 2013

SquareHue Nail Polish

SquareHue is a monthly nail polish subscription box. You get three new polishes each month!
    SquareHue delivers the latest nail polish colors to its style aware members.
The packaging and the little SquareHue box is really cute!
 SquareHue. Get three fabulous, preselected colors monthly for just $21. No more desperate runs to the inconvenience store. No more over-paying to stay in-step with the latest colors. No more forgetting to buy fresh polish. 

I don't think I could ever get tired of picking out new nail polish, but I do love the idea of having a monthly collection of three preselected colors mailed to me. : )
I really like how they have monthly color collections.
The packaging is very impressive. I loved open my first SquareHue box to seeing my three organized new bottles of nail polish.
The packaging is beautiful, it' has that minimalist clean look to it. It looks high end. I love it!
Fun fact: My maternal grandma's name is Hue! ^_^

 SquareHue.com makes staying in nail color fashion simple.
Holly Berry. Champagne Toast. Sugar Plum
The bottom of the bottle has the name of the polish as well as the month and year of the polish collection line. Genius! It's a really creative way to label the new colors. : ) I love this idea! 

SquareHue Collection 12.12
 Holly Berry (my favorite of the three!!)

SquareHue Holly Berry

 I really like how the color shows through the lettering. It's such a modern design!

 The nail polish applies beautifully with two coats. I used Seche Vite as my top per usual.
I have had these polishes since December and I absolutely would recommend SquareHue polishes.
They're great quality, and Holly Berry reminds me of I'm Really Not A Waitress by OPI, but more vibrant.
SquareHue Champagne Toast
The formula of Champagne Toast is different from Holly Berry, it's more of a silver based metallic finish. It stays on really well in comparison to other metallic nail polishes.
I'll update this post with swatches of Sugar Plum soon! I tried it on and I wasn't too happy with the polish because it didn't look flattering on my skin tone. Plus, I accidentally smudged my fingernails and gave up on photographing them! : (
The VintageLoveCollection is the Color Collection for February's box! 
You get three polishes each month for $21 with free shipping. Get in on the fun!

 Not tested on animals.
Proudly Made in the USA.

*Two thumbs up!!*

The January 2013 The Arctic Collection is available now and I've seen swatches in the blogosphere so check them out if you're interested. I want more SquareHue bottles now! They will make such a beautiful collection. ; )

Have a great rest of your weekend!


  1. the bottles do look really cute! this is the first i've heard of this company...

    1. I love the bottle design so much! I love how you see the color of the polish through the words "hue." It's genius!!

  2. This sounds like the subscription for me. I love nail polish! The bottles are cute!

    1. I e-mailed SquareHue with my review and I asked if they could offer my blog readers a coupon code or giveaway. I'll update the post and let everyone know if they do! *Fingers crossed!*

      I'm curious to see what the February colors are going to be! I'm looking forward to a SquareHue pink. :)

  3. wow, great colors!!! Lovely post!


    1. Have you seen the colors from their January collection?

  4. I've been meaning to check out this service! Sad I missed out on their cyber monday promo WAY back. But after a bit more researching, I will probably end up subscribing. :)

  5. I've seen these before, and Ive always been intrigued. Once my budget allows it I think i'll subscribe

    1. I look forward to seeing new colors in the following months!

  6. Ohhh. I am loving Holly Berry. I am contemplating joining, but I don't know if my wallet can take it.. I saw the colors for the January box and they were really pretty.

    1. I think the February Box will be really good! I'm hoping to see a pink. :) The polishes are really great quality. I love them!

    2. love your blog, im thinking of subscribing, did they ever give you a code or discount for us.. i think theyre pretty reasonable for the price and the bottle is adorable and i also love how the color shows through the hue


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