February 9, 2013

Beauty Blog: Eden Allure Pure Argan Oil

Eden Allure, Argan Oil based natural skin care company. Argan Oil has numerous cosmetic and therapeutic benefits. Our Argan Oil from Morocco is the natural solution to defend against aging and free radicals. Argan Oil is particularly effective at preventing cell degeneration, dryness and skin inflammation.

You can find Eden Allure products at their website, http://edenallure.com/ and the DermStore online. The Eden Argan Oil is a five star beauty product. ;)

I use argan oil on the ends of my hair after I shower (it helps prevents tangles and it's so so good for your hair), and also on my hands and cuticles. After using the Essie cuticle oil pen, I'm addicted to applying oils on my cuticles. It makes such a huge difference! The oil absorbs really quickly and you don't need to apply very much to get great moisturizing results. I don't have any problems with dry skin or hang nails ever since I started pampering my nails and cuticles. I'm very into nail care and argan oil is a great addition to my nail care routine!

 Eden Allure Beauty Bar Exotic Argan Oil with Grapefruit 4oz ($8)
You can feel the quality in this bar of soap. It smells really good too. The price point is on the high side for a bar soap, but the benefits it has on the skin make it worth the money.
 With a scent as delightful and invigorating as a freshly picked grapefruit, this soap is one of our favorites.
 Eden Allure Pure Argan Oil From Morocco, 2.2 fl oz ($30)
Eden Allure argan oil gives your skin the vitality and beauty it deserves. The Vitamin F (essential fatty acids) and triterpens regenerate and rejuvenate skin cells, encouraging the growth of new healthy cells. 

 Eden Allure uses nature's resources to heal and restore your skin. Each product is formulated with Moroccan argan oil, which is high in fatty acids to help the skin repair itself, as well as antioxidants to prevent free-radical damage. Eden Allure steams their argan oil to remove the natural nutty scent, ensuring even those sensitive to fragrances may use their products. The line features an assortment of products for the face, hair, body and nails, and a portion of the proceeds are donated to the Global Fund for Women.

I'm so honored Eden Allure offered me the opportunity to try their amazing line of products!
Thank you!
Ingredients: Saponified Organic Sunflower Oil (with retained glycerin); Water; Arecaceae Elaeis (Organic Palm Oil); Cocos Nucifera (Organic Coconut Oil), Sodium Hydroxide; Citrus Paridisi (Pink Grapefruit)*, Cymbopogon Flexuosus Stapf/Citratus (Lemongrass)*; Calendula Officinalis L. (Calendula Petals)**; Argania Spinosa (Moroccan Argan Oil); Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary Extract); Grapefruit Seed Extract 
Ingredients: 100% Pure Refined and Deodorized Argan oil from Morocco 


  1. I love reading quality reviews such as this one! Great job! Argan oil is my must-have beauty product! I initially bought it for my hair until I read about the wonders it does for your skin (now I use it for both)! I've never heard of the brand you have mentioned here, but my favorite product right now is "Defend." Defend is a blend of argan oil and essential oils (PurelementNaturals.com). If you're interested in great, natural products - I'd definitely suggest checking this company out!

    1. Thank you Ella Marie! I like Morracanoil and Macadamia Oil too for hair. :) I'm really curious about the Josie Maran beauty products!

  2. I am still looking for a great all over oil..there are so many and my dry skin can´t take much more experimenting...great post!


  3. I've used this one for a few weeks and I highly recommend it. It absorbs quickly and multipurpose. :)

  4. I hear so many good things about argan oil but is so afraid to put any "oil" into my face. I'm so afraid of getting clogged pores. Have you try it on your skin? Do you think it will cause breakouts?

    1. I use it on my hands, I haven't tried argan oil on my face yet because I use the SK-II skincare line. :)

  5. great, thank you for the recommendation, I love argan oil too but I use the one from pro naturals, which is very good too. :D

  6. Thanks for the informative review! I love argan oil, especially on my hair, I use pro naturals argan oil for my hair though I want to get some for my skin too.

  7. The hair treatment with argan oil from pro naturals is great too! My hair has never been so healthy and soft!


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