February 19, 2013

Elizabeth & Clarke Winter Collection Box

Elizabeth & Clarke is a seasonal women's clothing subscription box. You receive designer quality shirts at non-designer prices. *thumbs up!*

Elizabeth & Clarke offers quality (made with luxury fabrics!) neutral shirts and tops for the everyday woman. Fashion has never come naturally to me. I have to study it to get inspiration on how to pair outfits. I really the concept of Elizabeth & Clarke because they offer the everyday basics in their seasonal boxes. We'll start with the basics, and go from there. ;)
  This top is The Bronte (how weekend chic, right?)
 I love the back!
  The quality of the shirts I received in my box were really great, especially the black top.
It flows beautifully! I like that you can refer to their website to see how they styled the shirts.
Visit the Elizabeth & Clarke tumblr/blog to see different ways to style the Winter Collection tops here. :) They do such a fantastic job styling their tops!
 I received three different shirts in my Elizabeth & Clarke box.
The number of tops included in each box depends on the subscription you purchase. 1 shirt / season is $30, 2 shirts / season is $50, and 3 shirts / season is $60.
The shirts are totally washer and dryer, as well as iron safe. You can also steam them too. 
The three shirts were very different in style. The black shirt is definitely my favorite out of the three.
1. The black high-neck, sleeveless blouse (The Bronte)
2. Short-sleeved cotton tee (The Stanton)
3. White flannet shirt with convertible sleeves (The Browning)
Each shirt simply has an Elizabeth & Clarke label on the back.
Elizabeth & Clarke is an excellent service for women who do not have time, or do not like to shop for flattering work basics. I think it's a great idea, and the sizes range from 00-14.
You don't have to spend time searching for that work blouse anymore! :)


  1. ohhh! this is so neat!! i actually really love the 1st top too! it's dressy but relaxed.. and i really love the 2nd one too.. i always find it difficult to find relaxed and casuel pocket tee's that one is so cute.. i don't think i would use #3 very much i wonder if you can send it back for something else? this is a neat idea though :)

    1. I think you can send it back. They offer free shipping & returns. :) I absolutely love the first top! It's so flattering on too. I love love love it!

  2. This is a very interesting concept. Do you get to choose the shirts or do you just get what you get? The only thing not all shirts look good on all people. The black shirt is great I love it. The other 2 are cute too but most likely not look good on my. I know many people may think this is not true but um you can be too thin. I think the second two shirts would not look good on me and make me look like a stick. So that would be only draw back unless you can exchange say for the black in another color?

    Ali of


    1. I read that they offer free shipping & returns. I think the black top is the best one from the Winter Collection. I like the surprise factor of the box, but yeah I agree, not all clothes look great on everyone.

  3. Hi Ali,

    You definitely choose your shirts before they are shipped to you, and you can skip any that you do not like. We want you to be happy with each shirt, and we do everything we can to make sure that happens! Also, as Steph mentioned, we have free shipping & free returns as well. So, there is never any risk of buying.

    In addition, we are expanding our line this Summer and launching the "Forever Collection" of our bestselling and favorite shirts from past seasons, so not only will you have more choice, you will also be able to reorder your favorite shirts.

    If you have any more q's, please do not hesitate to reach out, melanie@elizabethandclarke.com.

    Melanie Moore

  4. How is the sizing? If I am normally a large, doi buy the size 12 or 14? I am usually a size 12 at BR.


    1. Hi Kerri! I think the sizes run a little big so you can most likely size down, but if you like a more relaxed fit, your regular size would work fine. :)


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