February 15, 2013


 Wittlebee is a monthly kids clothing club subscription box.
One of my closest friends is expecting and I felt like it's a good time for me to review some baby subscription services for my mommy readers! I picked a gender neutral clothing for a newborn baby. Their sizes range from newborn to 6 years. It's a mommy one stop shop kind of place. :)
 How cute are these little clothes?! I loved opening this box so much. The bumble bee tissue paper put me in a really good mood too. :)

 My friend doesn't know what she's having yet so the gender neutral clothing option is great!
You can customize your monthly Wittlebee box.
 I love this little top! I love how it buttons to the side. It reminds me of a little chef. :)
 Little bumble bees and little stars!
This baby top is 100% cotton. *two thumbs up!*

 These little pants are for 6-9 months. The best part about shopping for baby is knowing they will grow into their cute little clothes.

The Kissy Kissy Qt top has buttons on the back.

 It's a sweater vest! This was my favorite from February's Wittlebee box. :)
 It's a onesies with feet covers! lol I think I'm super excited over these little clothes. I've never seen anything so cute. I love that our friends are having babies. :) You get to join in on the excitement without all the responsibilities. lol

The box wasn't all clothes, there was a little blanket inside as well with white and grey stripes. The quality feels great. 

For me, Wittlebee is a great subscription to share with my friends with kids. :)
If you're not already a parent, you can always give the gift of Wittlebee! 

Since we're on the topic of kids, has anyone seen the show on NBC, *correction* Guys With Kids? I keep thinking it's like the show Friends, but with kids! lol. Thanks Ashley for catching my mistake!
It's one of my new favorite shows! I love Jesse Bradford.


  1. I gotta try this for my 1 year old niece!

  2. This is so cute! They are getting so creative with these subscription boxes.
    BTW, isn't it Guys with Kids? I LOVE that show! Zach Cregger is so funny. :)

  3. You're right! lol My mistake. I keep thinking it's like the show Friends, but with kids!


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