March 18, 2013

caseable "Follow the Sky"

 Meet my new iPhone 5 case! :)
 I received my very first handcrafted casable case from Brooklyn, NY. :)
 This is what the front looks like on my phone.
It's the perfect amount of pattern for my taste! The turquoise reminds me a lot of Essie Turquoise & Caicos nail polish, one of my favorites. :)
The packaging was really cute and thoughtful. It really puts a smile on your face. :)

"Follow the Sky" iPhone 5 Case 
by Bianca Green
  • Hand-crafted in Brooklyn, NY from recycled plastic bottles
  • Durable plastic shell for protection molded specifically for iPhone 5
  • Wrap-around, photo-quality printing
  • Easy snap-on attachment with direct access to all iPhone 5 features
$ 34.90

I'm absolutely in love with my new iPhone 5 Case from caseable! I've been on the hunt for an awesome chevron print case every since I upgraded to the 5. I didn't want a case that was full chevron because I thought it was too busy but also plain at the same time because it's the same print. lol The teal makes it so fun, colorful, and completely awesome.
My case is by the artist Bianca Green. caseable collaborates with amazing artists to delivery their customers the most creative patterns and designs. They have SO many cool looking cases. You can also be creative by creating your own custom case. :)
caseable offers custom cases for your electronics such as the iPhone, and Macbook to name the awesome ones.

There are a few of my other favorites:
 "These Diamonds Are Forever" also by Bianca Green (I love her work!)
"Overdose" by Bianca Green
I've been seeing tribal print all over and I'm pretty certain it one of the new trends for Spring.
It was really hard to pick just one case, but these were my three top picks! caseable has a really outstanding selection of cases for you to browse.

Aurelie Scour is another one the artists you can find in the caseable artist collections. Her red soles graphic was one of my favorites also!

caseable’s Smartphone Cases are hand-crafted in Brooklyn, NY from recycled water bottles. Every iPhone or Samsung Case is made-to-order. Here at caseable, we do not stockpile warehouses of pre-made cases from overseas. Each Smartphone Case is hand-crafted to fit your order and needs

Follow them on Twitter because they're an overall awesome company and make products that matter.

caseable is offering an exclusive coupon code for my readers to receive 15% off their order. This coupon code is good for two weeks from today.

Coupon Code: dsk15

Visit and customize cases for your smartphone, laptop, iPad, Kindle, tablet and e-Reader. Each case is hand-crafted in Brooklyn, NY and Germany from recycled materials...just for you!

caseable Giveaway!
Congratulations Suzanne D!


  1. Love the case you chose Steph! Very cool. :) And great giveaway! I entered all the steps *cross fingers*

    xo - Sheila

    1. Thanks Sheila! I was tempted to get a custom one made with Timmy & Wally on it lol. Maybe I'll have a laptop case with them!

  2. It's such a pretty case! I've always found cases to be too bulky for my liking so I just use Ghost Armor.. I really wish I would change my mind sometimes cause there's some amazing ones out there!

    1. I've always had a case on my phone so I'm used to the feel with case. lol There really are some awesome designs. I love changing them too (like I do my handbags!) lol. I currently only have 2 cases for my new iPhone 5.


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