March 19, 2013

Food Blog: Barre Bars

 Barre delivers real food bars, developed by two professional ballet dancers using whole food ingredients. 

The founders Julia and Aaron created these delicious, healthy snacks for everyone. :)

 Pirouette Cinnamon Pecan was my favorite out of the three! It's so satisfying, sweet, and nutty.
I always try to have snacks with me when I'm on the go. It's my fuel. :)

 All of the bars are soft yet chewy and very rich in natural flavors.
Ballet + Whole Foods = Barre is how I would describe these good for you bars.

They use simple ingredients that everyone can pronounce, in their purest and most unadulterated form hence real food bars. It’s real food for real world athletes and people like you, to provide real energy for your performance.

They proudly showcase their whole food ingredients in their bars.
 Ballerina Spirulina taste the most green out of the three bars. It's still sweet, but it has more of a green taste from the spirulina.
 Each of the bars have a distinct different taste which is great variety.
 The photo on the right is of Julia! She performed as Odile, the Black Swan in Swan Lake.
How awesome?! I got to meet her via e-mail and I learned that she was originally from Seattle. :)

Julia looks so enchanting and elegant! I would love to see her center stage one day.

Black Swan Chocolate Berry is my second favorite. It's a little bit of sweet and sour. It's a perfect combination of flavors. You really can taste the cranberries in this bar which is delicious!

I think the packaging of the bars is so pretty. I love their logo and sticker too!
Barre is made with whole food ingredients, contains no animal products and is free of common allergens such as soy and wheat. In addition to being vegan, Barre is also high in Omega-3s with balanced energy and no refined sugar.
Barre prides itself in being the best of both taste and nutrition-because it's made from read food.
I think everyone who tries these bars will be attracted to the specialty nature of the product. It's really cool that these bars come from the dance world. :)
You can learn more about Barre and order Barre bars online:
Designed by experts at the balance between fueling yourself properly and looking your best, professional ballet dancers.
Barre is specifically formulated to be a perfect before and after workout or anytime go-to-snack-nutritionally balanced for maximum quick and sustained energy, muscle support and electrolyte replacement.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Barre! They make really great, healthy snack bars and they're giving some away to my readers!

Barre Giveaway!
Congratulations Amanda S!


  1. They sound yummy! and hey I need that FL body now. LOL

    1. They are pretty tasty! I bet you are loving Florida!! ^_^ I'm so happy for you! I can't wait to visit Disney World with Minh one of these days. He's never been!


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