April 15, 2013

Girl Talk: Adore Me

Adore Me is a New York based women's underwear brand founded on the core values of great fit and superb quality at an affordable price. 

Discover your private lingerie showroom! Adore Me is a monthly, online style society that works with a team of designers to provide a personalized selection of sexy, trendy, and comfortable intimates each month. We offer bras, panties, boy shorts, stockings, leggings, chemises, baby doll, and more!
Membership is just $39.95 per month and includes the designers’ services, the item of your choice, free shipping and free exchange!
And if you don't want to buy anything this month, just skip it and we'll have a new showroom for you soon!

 My set arrived wrapped in two shades of pink tissue paper in a rectangular box.
 The set I picked out is a pretty light blue which reminds me a lot of Alice in Wonderland.
This is one of my first matching sets. In a perfect girly world, our cute underwear would always match! The Adore Me site is a lot of fun to browse and they have a great selection of lingerie. You can take a style quiz on the site and have a custom showroom to view and shop. There are stylists available online to chat as well if you have any questions about the bras or panty's.
The note card included in the box was a welcome note.

"Welcome to Adore Me,
Thank you for choosing our exclusive personalized lingerie service! Make our gorgeous lingerie a part of your cute, daily look. 

Let our fashion experts fuss all over you, and make you stride towards the lingerie wardrobe of your dreams. 

Adore Me is delighted to present this stunning lingerie set for your collection. Congratulations!

Feel beautiful and sexy everyday, as only the Adore Me woman can!"
 The jewel detail is a really cute.
Here's a closer look at the stitching detail and the crystal accent.
The soft ruffles are very feminine. :)
I feel the set is well made. All of their sets sell for $39.95 and I think it's a great price.
Adore Me has over 136,000 likes on Facebook so it's safe to say they have quite a few fans!


  1. Oooo very nice Steph! I love the little jewel accent detail. Subtle and feminine!

    xo - Sheila

    1. It's always feels a little extra special to have a pretty set in the drawers department! ;)


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