April 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Timmy and Wally!

 Timmy and Wally turn 3 years old today! April 8th is the day they were born.
I also celebrated my birthday on April 4th. :) I turned 26 years old!
They're celebrating their birthday with the March PetsLoveToys.com Smokehouse Combo Box!
 I've been saving the boy's March PetsLoveToys.com Box for them for this special day.
 I picked out the Treat & Chews box for them this time around. We already have so many great toys from our previous Toy and Toys & Treat boxes. The box is $19.95 each month with free shipping. We've been subscribed for a few months now and I absolutely think it's worth the money.
The monthly showroom offers so many great options for toys, treats, and chews.
 PetsLoveToys.com is our favorite doggie subscription box because each month you get to pick out the type of box you want for your dogs. The brands are great and everything is great quality.
 The boys absolutely love the Smokehouse treats.
 Wally is such a good patient boy.
 These bones are going to be such a treat for the boys tonight. I haven't given them many treats or chews lately because the vet says Timmy needs to lose 3lbs. I've been taking both boys on a longer walk every morning. Timmy used to absolutely hate leaving the house, but he's starting to come around. He howls if I take Wally and leave him home. lol
 Wally is such a good doggy model. I ask him to sit next to the box and he does!
 Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Chewy Natural Liver Flavor, Dog Training Treats
Every night we ask the dogs to go "back in" their crates for bedtime and give them a training treat.
They listen even without the treat, but I like to reward them for being good dogs.
Wally inhaled the Bacon Skin Roll!
 Timmy on the other hand hid his chew for later on the couch. lol 
If we give the dogs chews before we leave the house, they will literally save it until we get home. It's so odd. I wonder why they do it?

Thank you PetsLoveToys.com for making Timmy & Wally's birthday great!


  1. happy birthday timmy and wally!
    looks like they got a lot of good stuff! my dog would totally hide his chew too! :)

  2. awww...that is the cutest thing! My dog would be sooo happy!!


  3. Awwww Happy Birthday to Timmy and Wally!!!!!

    Kobi loves to hid his toys and chews too. Smh boys.. haha..

    xo - Sheila & Kobi

  4. Aww, happy birthday to your cute fur babies!

  5. Happy belated birthday to you, Timmy and Wally! That's an awesome treat box!


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