April 24, 2013

Julibox, Curated Cocktails

Julibox is a curated collection of world class cocktail recipes and all of the premium spirits and ingredients you'll need to make them. Delivered by post to your doorstep. In one swanky box.
It doesn't get much better than this! The card is embossed with Julibox's logo. 
 The wax seal reminds me so much of Phantom of the Opera. :D
The details that make up Julibox is really something.
"May We Never Run Out Of Spirits"
 The bottles are securely wrapped in bubble wrap and custom tissue paper.
This is one of the few boxes that both men and women can enjoy. :)
 Hand-Selected. Everything about this box screams classy. ;) The selection in April's box is pretty awesome. St Germain and Grey Goose are quite the favorites from what I've heard on Instagram. :D
In my April 2013 box I found Banks 5 Island Rum, three bottles of St Germain and two bottles of Grey Goose La Poire.
The price per box ranges from $36-$40 depending on the type of subscription you select. 
You'll have a collection of beautiful bottles before you know it!
 Grey Goose La Poire is a pear flavored vodka. I've always wanted to try this!
 St Germain is a sweet liqueur. 

Julibox is your passport to cocktail discovery.  Each month, you will discover two great cocktails, curated by our world class mixologists and designed especially for easy home preparation. You'll get enough ingredients to make two of each cocktail; four cocktails in sum.  And you get all of the spirits and mixers you'll need to make 'em.
Banks 5 Island Rum

Immediate gratification and pure pleasure. Each Julibox features two cocktail recipes that have been hand selected by our curators for your enjoyment. You will receive all of the spirits and mixers required to make two of each said cocktail. Before your Julibox ships, we'll send you an email notifying you of any additional items you may need, typically lemons or limes. That way you can enjoy your cocktails as soon as you get your box.
 Pear Flower sounds like a beautiful drink to me. :) I can't wait to gather my ingredients and mix it up.
 Recipe cards included!

Discover new cocktails exclusively curated for your home enjoyment. Julibox curators select the best cocktails from some of the trendiest bars and lounges around the world and recreates them for your home enjoyment. Julibox sends you cocktail recipes and all of the ingredients you’ll need to make them in one swanky box. Monthly.
I don't think cocktails gets much better than this!
If you like to try new drinks and cocktails, I highly suggest checking out Julibox.

I can't wait to see what is in May's Julibox! I've been looking at pictures of Julibox on Instagram to see what others got in their April box. You can search #julibox. In a few other boxes similar to mine, they also received a can of Perrier Sparkling Water.

Cheers! ;)


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