April 22, 2013

Skincare: Alpha H

 Hi everyone! It's been a little while since I've written a beauty skincare related post. I believe my last skincare post was about SKII which was several months ago. I have since finished a full bottle of the SKII serum, and I'm almost out of my first bottle of clear lotion. I haven't repurchased the SKII products yet even though I absolutely love them because I have been using up my skincare samples from Sephora. I've also been trying out a few new skincare products sent to me from QVC. I'm sure many of you have heard of QVC, an online shopping service that offers a variety of beauty products.

I received the Alpha H duo set- Liquid gold and eye complex (which firms and pulps complexion of the skin).
 Alpha H 
Give your skin a boost with hi-tech skincare featuring a synergy of blended botanical ingredients coupled with glycolic acid - an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) which occurs naturally in sugar cane.
 Two-piece Ultimate Anti Aging Kit from Alpha-H. Features everything you need for younger-looking skin, including Absolute Eye Complex and the popular Liquid Gold, which helps to revitalize your skin to give a natural-looking glow.
 Absolute Eye Complex (15ml) - helps improve the appearance of dark circles, dark shadows, uneven skin texture and pigmentation under the eyes.
 I really like the eye serum it applies like a light gel and absorbs quickly. It makes my under eyes appear brighter in the morning. :)
 Liquid Gold (100ml) - helps revitalize and give radiance to your skin, whilst minimizing the appearance of fine lines.

Every since I've been using SKII Clear Lotion I've been a big fan of similar products. I cannot finish my skincare routine without a splash of toner or even rose water. Liquid Gold works like the Clear Lotion to me. I have only been using both these products for a month. That's the update on the new skincare products I'm using this Spring. I have had great luck with this product and the samples I've been using up. I haven't had any reactions yet! Woohoo! My skin is still pretty clear and I hope to keep it that way. ;)


  1. I heard a lot about it..but actually mroe interested in teh SKII line...


    1. I'm not too familiar with Alpha H, I think it's more popular in Europe.

      I highly recommend trying out SKII! Maybe you can get some samples and try it out! You wake up with the most amazing feeling skin. :)

  2. I love the SK II clear lotion and the facial essence. It had really helped with my breakouts!

    1. That's awesome! I felt like it did the same for me and evened out my skintone. I wish the price tag wasn't so high though. I'm having great results using Alpha H now so I'm going to wait on ordering more SKII. :D


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