June 5, 2013

Subscription Box: Treatsie

Treatsie offers curated sample boxes of artisan candy from ever changing confectioners for just $15 a month. 

 You can go to Treatsie.com to read about each treats as you enjoy them. :)
 The packaging is very chic and has a simple yet high end feel.
 I love boxes wrapped in colored tissue sealed with logo stickers!
 The goodies are neatly packaged inside the Treatsie box.
 At their website, you can click through the different treats and learn more about each confection.
Each month, you'll receive a box that includes candy from multiple different vendors. But rather than referencing the inside lid for a description of the candy, hop on to Treatsie.com via your computer or mobile device. Not only can you see a photo and description of the candy, but you can click through to read the story behind each confectioner and buy more right away.
 Treatsie is a monthly subscription service to curated boxes of artisan candy from various and ever changing confectioners. (Founded by Keith Hoelzeman and Jamie Walden)
Nutwhat’s Pecan Scribbles are rich, buttery nuggets scribbled with dark chocolate. And because the bottom of the bag always comes too soon for this “twistedly addictive” confection.
 “Nutwhats are nutty little creations of yumminess,” says owner Lisa Rast. The Cashew Coconut Scribbles are a playfully delicious combination of coconut and cashews. And as their slogan suggests, these magnificently buttery nuggets are “twistedly addictive.”
 Three unique flavors of The Caramel House's caramels.
 Loblolly Creamery began making their signature marshmallows to fill a hole – not in the market, but in the bottom of their homemade waffle cones to prevent them from dripping. Customers loved the little pillowy stoppers so much that Loblolly began making them to sell individually. Made with local Arkansas wildflower honey, real vanilla bean, sea salt and NO corn syrup, these little creations are not your average ‘mallow.
The gals from Loblolly recommend plopping one or two marshmallows in a cup of coffee or cocoa, making smores with them (heat brings the honey out), dipping them in chocolate, and of course, putting them in the bottom of your ice cream cone.

Treat yourself to Treatsie! :)


  1. I'm sitting at work, extremely hungry and on a diet...thanks. Haha.
    Those marshmallows look so fluffy and good! Which one did you like the most?

  2. I wish there was some chocolate in there! OMG a chocolate subscription box would be my dream.

    1. They do exist! There's one I know of called Standard Cocoa. I haven't tried it yet though. :)

  3. ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmg i really should NOT be looking at this post at 12:30 am.. because now i really want caramels.. and i'm seriously about to go and order this box right now bahahahah! i'm OBSESSED w/ old fashioned caramels. nom nom nom!

    1. Caramels are my weakness! They're just SOOO good, all year round. lol

  4. It all looks yummy (except the marshmallows)...I don't like marshmallows, but the caramel looks divine!


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