July 22, 2013

Nicole by OPI Pros & Confidence

The perfect magenta pink polish for me.
Nicole by OPI Pros & Confidence

I'm trying out Nail Tek Foundation Xtra for the first time and it makes my nail polish peel off by the second or third day of wear. : / I've heard a lot of great things about Nail Tek products but I guess this particular base coat doesn't work for me. I'll continue to use it as a base for my toe nails though since they don't make my toe nail polish chip. I started combining my bottles of Seche Vite Top Coat and recycling the empty bottles. I never realized how many bottles I had! It really is a wonderful glossy, quick drying top coat. It also starts to get thicker once you use up half so combining the bottles makes it easier to dip and brush.
Nicole by OPI Special K Collaboration Pros & Confidence
This is the second time I've worn this shade of magenta pink polish. I love it very much! I'm constantly getting new nail polish so I rarely wear the same polish twice in the same 6 months, but there's something about this magenta pink that just works for me.
It also matches the hydrangeas from my front yard. :)

I took a short break from my frequent blog posts these past two months. I still have to tell you all about my engagement! I want to start blogging more regularly again and updating you on my life on a more personal level like before. I feel like I have so much to tell you all about! 

My dogs, Timmy and Wally are doing fine. I'm thinking about buying a big kiddie pool for them since it's summer. lol I'm so obsessed with my dogs. It's true. 

One of our old friends is visiting from LA. Her name is Anita (we call her Anita bonita :), and she's Armenian American (think Kardashian sisters!) lol. She has the best eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes ever. OMG. I'm obsessed with her. lol She's a makeup artist and a lawyer. My kind of woman! ;) I've been asking her so many questions about her Armenian culture. I absolutely love learning a ton about the Middle East. We chat about Shahs of Sunset lol, and the Kardashians! Did you know the exterior "Jenner House" on keeping up with the Kardashians is actually a "stage" house. From what I've read, the exterior of that house has been used for other TV shows as well. Anita lives in Studio City, CA where the house sits and can be see off the public hiking trail. The Jenner/Kardashian family live in Calabasas (they're always showing the sign on the show) which is a different city. If you Google, you can read more about it. I don't know why I still get excited over this stuff lol. It's just interesting to me since I watch E! and Bravo all the time!! It's just funny because sometimes we believe everything we see on TV. lol

Bf and I have been showing her around Seattle and having so much fun spending time with her. We went on the Ride the Duck tour of Seattle! The last time we saw her in person was nearly 5-6 years ago! She's one of his best friends from law school and if it wasn't for her, we wouldn't be together now. (do we love her or hate for that? lol jk) :D Time goes by so fast, it's crazy! Facebook really does help you stay in touch, but I think it will never replace spending quality time together in person.


  1. You always have the BEST nails Steph!! I love them! And this color. :)

    Your friend sounds so pretty and fascinating! I didn't even know that about the Kardashians home. Crazy about reality tv!

    xo - Sheila

    1. Aww, thank you Sheila! I've been really impressed with Nicole by OPI polishes lately. :) Their recent collections have really been top knotch.

      I'm so addicted to reality TV! lol I can't help myself! What are some of your favorite reality shows? ;)

  2. I agree with Sheila, you always have the prettiest nails! I really like Nicole by OPI polishes...they have some of the best colors.

    I don't watch the Kardashian's, but that is funny about the exterior of their "set" house. I had no idea. They sure do a great job on these props and sets. Your friend sounds like a really cool bff. Glad you are getting to spend time together.

    I hope you do start blogging more regularly. :-)

    1. Thank you Crystal, you are so kind. :)

      I absolutely love learning about random facts about reality vs. reality TV. I guess I find it humorous that we believe what we see on Youtube or TV to be 100% true!


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