September 12, 2013

My Last Taster's Box

 My August Taster's Box wasn't too bad. I received handful of treats, but it still doesn't compare to my first larger Taster's Box. I was a tiny bit disappointed to see the smaller size box arrive at my door again. I was still excited to open it to see what's inside. The surprise factor is pretty exciting and I enjoy opening the box.
 I got Hersey's premium cookie mix which I baked. I followed the instructions which were very easy, but we didn't really like the cookies. We still prefer Toll House ready to bake squares if we do bake short cut cookies.
 I'm glad we got to try something new so we know...not to buy it.
The rest of the Taster's Box consisted of samples or individual servings. In my box there was a total of 7 items. Can you see the letters "free sample" on the Poplets? You can't help but feel a little bit sad when you receive a free sample in a box you pay a subscription to receive. I guess they gathered the free samples for you..that's worth money right? The Poplets were probably my favorite new discovery from this box. I would purchase them if I ever saw them again in a grocery store.

 For $7 with shipping included, I can't say I didn't get my money's worth, but it was nothing to call home about. The first box included items like California olive oil packets, Numi tea samples (which I ended up going to Whole Foods and buying the full size box of), and a full size bottle of coconut water. I much rather have that box every month for $7 over sample size treats and freebies. The snack help me fill our lunchbox, but it's all still mostly junk food. I have decided not to continue my subscription because I think we would rather eat the junk food we pick out ourselves...if we're going to indulge. Wouldn't you agree?

P.S. I've been working on my real estate post. :)


  1. You're right - the value of the boxes have really decreased. I'm probably going to cancel, too.

    1. There are so many other great boxes to try. Why settle for less, right? :)


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