October 31, 2013

Denver Trip & OPI Vision of Love

Hello! I hope you had a very fun filled Halloween! I spent my morning working on real estate. I listed two properties today. A condo in Mill Creek, WA and a house in Everett, WA. Afterwards, I stopped by my friend Van's bridal salon to check out the DSK Jewelry display. It looks great and I totally want to have a wall of white frames in my house! Afterwards, I showed Vannie around the Bellevue, WA area and then we had dinner. A little background about my friend Van, we met about 9 years ago on Xanga! We had been online friends for years and years, and she moved to Washington and now we get to hang out in person. :) It's just an amazing feeling to meet someone you have known for so long online in person! :D We definitely get along in RL (real life!) lol
There are a few more frames, but these four are my favorite! :) I love how the colorful bracelet just pops in the photo! 

Now onto the nail polish! I had this color on this past weekend.
It's called OPI Vision of Love from the Mariah Carey Holiday 2013 Collection.
  OPI Vision of Love
I went to Denver, Colorado last weekend for the first time. I wore OPI Vision of Love on my nails. It's a dark vampy brownish red polish great for the Fall/Winter. I didn't love this color as much hard as I tried to like it because I was on vacation (and couldn't change my polish!). I think nail polish does affect the way you feel, and when you wear a color you absolutely adore you feel good.

I had never been to Denver before apart from the airport. I can't believe how incredibly dry the air is there! lol It really is called the Mile High City for a reason. It's a mile above elevation so the air is much more dense there. I was constantly applying chapstick. I went to Walgreens the first day we were there to buy Bio Oil, I applied it all over my face because I knew if I didn't, my skin would just dry up by morning! lol I was very generous with applying lotion before bed too. We stayed at the Marriott near Southland Mall (Aurora, Colorado) and it was a really pleasant stay. I highly recommend the hotel, I got the best nights sleep there. It's just so comforting to spend the day out and about and come home to a clean hotel with incredibly comfy beds. It was built in 2008 so everything was pretty new.

We went to Denver for Minh's cousin's wedding. I finally had the chance to meet his cousins out that way. Colorado reminded me a lot of Michigan because it was so flat and spacious there. It's very middle America, and very chill. All the homes in Aurora were HUGE. Everyone seems to live in a mini mansion! Land is definitely abundant there still. The cost of a very nice 8,000 square foot home is around $350-400k in Aurora, CO. In the suburbs of Seattle, you can only get a nice 2,000 square foot home with that price range!
 A few fun photobooth pictures from the cousin's wedding. 
Minh's cousin & my future sister in laws. :)
 I feel really lucky to have some cool ladies in my life. :D
Future Mom & Sisters! 

They closed the photobooth so early, none of us girls got to take any pictures with our men! lol
I think the photobooth is such a fun idea, I definitely want to get one for my wedding. Also, my friend showed me a flipbook of his pictures from a wedding he went to, and that looks super cool too! Anyone know any wedding photobooth vendors in the Portland, Oregon area? I'm pretty sure we're going to have our wedding in 2015 in Portland. :) At least I narrowed down the year, right? Progress for a girl who doesn't want to plan a wedding!


  1. OHH!! that color is so perfect for fall!! loves it!!

    your photobooth pics are sooo adorable!!!

  2. I love photobooths!! How's the planning going for your wedding?

  3. Xanga LOL that made me feel old :( haha I hope you keep us updated on the wedding planning. Maybe forcing yourself to write about it will help with the planning? Do you watch FleurdeForce? She recently got married and I decided to just copy her wedding one day, hhaa. I think thats the only way to really plan a wedding.. just steal someone else's! jk ;)

  4. @Lisa Thank you!!

    @Cindy I haven't really started planning yet!

    @Gjee I haven't see FleurdeForce yet, I'll look it up. :) Thank you for the help!

  5. Great post. Love the framed jewelry. The photo booth idea is so cool. I can't imagine the air being that dry...I'd never make it. lol Although, I guess after a while your body adjusts.


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