February 10, 2014

Busy Days, Pretty Little Lairs, Valentine's Day

Hey everyone!

I hope you are all having a wonderful February. I can't believe Valentine's Day is in a few days. Where did the time go? I've been so busy at the office and with DSK Jewelry orders. I completely forgot about Valentine's Day coming up. I honestly just realized most of my orders these past two weeks have been coming from customers with more manly names. :) There are so many sweet guy friends, boyfriends, fianc├ęs, and husbands out there. It's been a great being part of their Valentine's Day preparations!

My real estate work days have gotten so incredibly busy! I have nearly 20 property listings and it's just endless amounts of paperwork, and phone calls. I really need to study the art of negotiation. I really want to read the book, "Getting to Yes." I'm constantly wearing the negotiation hat from 9-6pm or whenever the phone rings! lol There's just so many details in contracts and there's no room for mistakes. I've learned the long hard way. If there's anything I've learned in real estate, it's to communicate via e-mail so there's a log of conversation. If I'm talking on the phone with a client or the other party. I make sure to summarize the phone conversation in e-mail to them. There's definitely no he said, she says business if everything is logged. That's my #1 tip to anyone just getting into real estate or almost any professional field where you communicate often with other people. I definitely love showing houses and meeting with clients over the paperwork side. I really love driving around and exploring new areas of Washington I've never explored before. I really want to get a hybrid vehicle in the near future. #fosho

I wake up every morning and sit in my jewelry room. I wish I could spend more time there! I haven't spent as nearly as much time as I want to working on jewelry. I really do love beading. I definitely appreciate my arts & crafts more now days. :) I'm looking forward to my next day off from the office to focus on creating new pieces and jewelry blogging!

In other news, I spent the past weekend at home watching Pretty Little Liars! I fit in grocery shopping on Saturday morning as well. We got hit with some snow Saturday afternoon and all of Sunday. Seattle is way too hilly to be driving anywhere. I'm on episode 16 of PLL and I am really getting into the show. It reminds me of being a teenage girl and just watching my favorite TV drama. lol I can't wait to find out who A is!! It's driving me nuts. Thank goodness for Netflix, I love being able to watch shows one episode to the next without any commercials!! Score!!

In nail news, OPI debuted their fun Brazil Collection. I'm currently wearing one of their fabulous new shades called, "Don't Bossa Nova Me Around." It's a really quality neutral polish. It looks very posh and clean. The formula is great too; I used two fine coats for this look. My nails are now long enough to be shaped into what's called, the "stiletto" nail shape. I was doing the almond nails for a few weeks, and I really wanted to try out the stiletto however it's way too hard to function with them now. I've tried to shape the claw nails in the past (back when the Nicki Minaj OPI Collection came out). That was a total fail because I had no idea how to shape them correctly. Shaping your own nails is really hard when it comes to anything but square with round edges. lol Anyhow, I think I finally perfected the stiletto's over the weekend while watching my endless episodes of Pretty Little Liars. I think Emily is so pretty, but my favorite character is definitely Spencer. ;)

I kept stabbing myself with my finger nails today. Then I caught my thumb nail in the bathroom stall lock while trying to open the lock..lol Yeah..these nails suck. It's also really hard to type, my finger don't know which side to lean to when they hit the keyboard keys! I'm going to round them out by tomorrow. Back to almond nails I go. I preferred that much better now that I've experienced the claws. They look super cool and I feel so nail trendy, but they're really not practical. Hehe.
Thank you for stopping by to hear me ramble. I'll talk with you soon! 
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  1. Yay blog post! I agree with you - logging everything via email is always best. I always cover my ass at work my writing a summary email of meetings or shared calls so everyone is on the same page and I don't get tossed under the bus! >:( great advice!

  2. I love reading your update life posts!! ^__^ You're so busy!! And I loved the snow over the weekend except it went into my Sunday morning usual grocery shopping. I had to wait until yesterday to do it all. haha..

    xo - Sheila

  3. yay! for life updates :)!!! i love how you're such an amaze business woman! juggling so many different businesses #getitgirl !!!!

    i love those nails too i tried it once before but i felt like i was whenever i was scratching myself i was like REALLY scratching myself and it freaked me out lol!! and the hubs was not a fan of them he said they looked scary hahahahahha



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