March 9, 2014

I'm No Expert in Dior

A few weekends ago my friends and I saw two really well dressed girls at Aritzia in Washington Square Mall. One of the girls was carrying the most gorgeous black Miss Dior bag (long gold chain). I was having major BAG ENVY. lol I honestly have never seen the bag in person before that weekend so I was secretly super excited. I kept my calm and cool as my girl friends and I shopped Aritzia. I couldn't help but keep staring at the girl because of her cute style, bag, and shoes! We were quietly speaking in Viet asking each other to guess which country they're from because they were so well dressed in the "Asian girl from Asia" style-kind of way. We guessed Hong Kong and Korean because you know the skirts, the ruffles, scalloped collars, Ferragamo Vara heels and all. It made sense! ;) You definitely don't see that everyday especially not in Portland, Oregon. It's way too chill for fancy. lol It turned out the girls were both Vietnamese! I think we were all biting our tongues lol. We really should have just made friends! They looked so classy and downright pretty in their clothes and accessories. :)

I have a new bag crush and it's the Miss Dior. I really have little knowledge when it comes to Dior anything. I know my friend just started collection Lady Dior bags which have always been the iconic Dior bag to me. I have yet to really explore the world of Dior and I think I will make it my newest hobby/interest!

Olivia Palmero carries the Dior bag beautifully. She really can do no wrong.
She's gorgeous and never fails to impress the media with her style. She's a true NY socialite and I love seeing her outfits with this bag!

 I like the shape of the original above. I'm not a fan of the new shape below. :(
The new shape is just bottom heavy! lol I don't like it at all. The chain is different too.
How pretty does "Blair"? The bag is just so elegant and feminine. I think it's more of a girly bag than the classic Chanel.

  Love Jennifer Lawrence, but the bag shape is ehhh.
I just watched the Hunger Games: Catching Fire tonight too.
Lana with her Miss Dior bag! I love her voice!
The mom on the set of Gossip Girl!
 I think it's more girly than the classic Chanel flap. I think the details really make the Miss Dior a feminine bag.
 I think they should make a rose gold hardware bag. :)

Mila in a Dior ad with the gorgeous Miss Dior.

I love the quilt and I hope to see another one in person again soon!
What are your thoughts on the Miss Dior bag? Is it too similar to the classic Chanel?


  1. i love the dior bag.. it is very similar to the chanel flap but very different too and i agree it's a lot more feminine! i didn't know jennifer lawrence was their new spokesmodel!!! very neat!

  2. omg. you just gave me a new bag to drool over!

  3. @Lisa I wish more US women were into Dior! I feel it's so rare to see them in action!

  4. @eri ^_~ I love this bag and I hope someone I know will get it so I can drool over it in person! lol


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