October 20, 2014

Candy Talk! Chimes Ginger Chews

 Let's talk gourmet candy! This is one of those where have you been all my life type of find! lol How did I live 27 years of my life without knowing about ginger chews. My friend Trang discovered Chimes Ginger Chews at a high end restaurant on their trip to Texas. She loved them so much, she ordered them off of Amazon. She shared one with me on our car ride to dinner one day. I was addicted at first chew!

The first flavor I ever tired was Peanut Butter and it is my absolute favorite. I got really curious about Chimes so I googled them and found their website: http://www.chimesgourmet.com

I am a real big fan of ginger and all of the great health benefits. I believe ginger tea can cure any type of stomach aches! I usually grate peeled ginger and add some hot water. Instant tasty tea. :) The fact that ginger candies exist is super awesome. I learned that these ginger chews were original an Indonesian treat that went mainstream. Trust me, you cannot eat just one!

I also discovered that Chimes Ginger Chews are carried at my local Seattle Cost Plus World Market & Uwajimaya (Japanese Market)! They're not too costly, under $5 for a bag or tin. I was super excited and got in my car and brought home the 3 different flavors from World Market. They had Original, Orange, and Mango flavors, they even carried the cute little tins! It would be pretty awesome if my World Market started carrying my favorite flavor. I gifted a tin to my friend who introduced me to them. :D She had no idea they came in the tins either and was really surprised and happy. It's super fun to discover new favorite things with friends. 
 They also come in collectable little tins that are great for refilling too.
It's convenient to keep a tin in my car and in my purse. :) I love a good anytime of the day treat!
 Who knew ginger and peanut butter paired so well?? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the peanut butter flavor ginger chews. I'm really sad that they don't carry this flavor in store anywhere near me. But it's good to know that I can order them online. 
 The original is my friend Trang's favorite. It's a mildy sweet and spicy chewy candy. It's really a pick me up kind of candy similar to what you would get from a mint or gum.
 I had no idea they even came in peppermint! It brings me to the holidays and the mint leaves a really pleasant after taste. 
 Mangos are my fianc√©'s favorite fruit and these chews smell and taste delicious. If you like a hint of sweet fruit with a little bit of kick from the ginger, this one is for you. 
 "Unlock the amazing powers of ginger in a little chew! Chimes are perfect while traveling - a soothing and comfortable treat. They're also great in the office - adding a little kick to your day. Either way, they're music for your mouth!"

I completely agree, there's something about the smell of ginger that is refreshing and just makes the day better. I keep a tin in my car because they're a great treat especially if you're hungry! 
 Orange is my second favorite flavor of the Chimes Chews. I love citrus fruits and the pairing with the ginger is muy bien!! Very good. ;) You should be able to find the orange bag at your local World Market. I actually found them near the registers at checkout.
 My current Chimes collection! I also have the tin in Mango too, but it's not photographed because it was in my car. Hehe
 A huge shoutout and thank you to Chimes for sending me all the different flavors to try and share!
 If you every come across Chimes Ginger Chews, definitely pick up a bag to try.
They're gourmet little candies that are packed with flavor.
 This is what the little chews look like with their cool color coded packaging.
Which flavor would you try first? :)
 Unwrapped you find a chewy delicious ginger candy.

I'm eating one right now as I write my blog post. :D I really love this candy and I had to share it with you. 
A huge thank you to my friend Trang for introducing me to these tasty gourmet candies!
 They make great gifts and I'm going to be sharing them with all my loved ones this holiday season. I'll have to order this gift set ($12 on Amazon) because I want to share these with everyone I love! A big thank you to Chimes Gourmet for generously sending me all these great flavors. :D I wish I could have a lifetime supply of the Peanut Butter Ginger Chews! ;)


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