March 11, 2015

OPI: Dark Side of the Mood (Fifty Shades of Grey Collection)

OPI x Fifty Shades of Grey
Dark Side of the Mood
This brooding, stormy charcoal is dangerously gorgeous.

I saw the movie two weeks ago and thought it was okay. The book was better, but I did love seeing all the shots of Seattle because it was so true to reality! The audience we were in was also great, everyone was so funny and immature about the movie. The music in the movie is praise worthy. I absolutely love Ellie Goulding's song "Love Me Like You Do." 

The OPI x Fifty Shades of Grey Collection is one of the best ones yet this year. The quality of OPI is outstanding and I couldn't be happier with all their polishes!


  1. I love dark grey as a polish. I've bought black np but never use it because something in my mind convinces me that it's too "dark". lol And as usual, love your nail meds. So jelly!

    1. Thanks L & I know exactly what you mean about black polish!


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