July 9, 2019

July 2019 Life Update

Boy, oh boy, I am so rusty with using Blogger! I hope you all have been well and that we have stayed in touch over on Instagram. The last time I posted on here back in March, it's now July of 2019. I am have been in declutter my life/house mode! I'm proud of myself for letting go of items in our home. I don't even know why I bought them in the first place! I do feel great donating items. It feels good to know that these things may be useful to others.

To update you, I've been into plants and flowers. I have 3 fiddle leaf figs inside the house. And I have quite a few flower planter pots that I've put together. Can I say I curated them? Does that sound more fancy? I think so. lol

I'm still running our frozen yogurt shop business, and working as a real estate agent in the greater Seattle area. I actually much prefer the suburbs versus the city of Seattle itself. Traffic has gotten out of control. I'm a suburb person through and through. It must be the Midwest in me.

I'm actually due to renew my license pretty soon here. Can you believe I've been in real estate for 6 years? I can't! I need to get finger printed again for my background check. I also need to complete 30 hours of continue education. I need to get on it!

My new real estate headshot. Stephanie Nguyen, 32 year old lady. Haha

I haven't focused on jewelry making in a while. I still accept and work on filling orders, but I haven't taken the time to create. I want to, the desire is there in the back of my mind. But right now, I need to focus on the frozen yogurt business. I enjoy the business, but management is tough! I'm not a natural born leader so it causes me a little bit of stress. I still can't believe we have an actual shop. It's about a 40 minutes drive each way from where we live, but I wouldn't trade the location. It's a really wonderful community. I've been in the frozen yogurt, bubble tea, smoothie business now for 4 Summers! I intend to sell the business by next year. Do you live in the greater Seattle area and want to own a frozen yogurt shop? Message me, if you do! lol

I need to get ready to go to the yogurt shop now. It was great to catch up with you! Follow me on Instagram at DSKJewelry. Ttyl!

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