November 24, 2008


I felt horrible last night and all day today. My back and shoulders are sore, and my body is constantly cold. Blankets don't work either! It sucks. I've been having a cough for about a week now; but the worst has finally arrived--

I have an exam tomorrow in Advertising--lame!
My study guide is 17 pages and I get a headache just looking at it. :(

I'll just wing it, and hope for the best.

This morning sucked..I woke up, got out of bed, took a shower, and got ready for class. I went to pick up my friend, and she never came out. I tried texting and calling her but her phone was off. Apparently her phone broke, and she just drove herself to class. I waited for like 10 minutes, and it started snowing so hard that I decided just to go home. I didn't want to deal with the cold walk to the building from the parking structure.

I slept for 3 hours, waking up constantly because I felt chilly. Today just sucked.

My boyfriend has been busying all last week, this past weekend, and today with writing a brief for work. Sucks dating a law student sometimes (3rd year for that matter), they're always busy. He has so much on his plate right now, and I feel bad if I keep asking for attention.

It's just sad that I barely see him during the day, or in the evenings.
Hopefully, it will all pay off one day when we can buy whatever we want with our delicious salaries as lawyers. lol, I have my fingers crossed. I have yet to start on my law school applications. Sighhhhh

Sorry to bore you blog. I just rather type than read my notes!


Aren't we just cute and chubby? We're one of those couples that gain like 30lbs (each) after dating..
It's almost been a year.. so sad for my waistline!


  1. Awww all your symptons are the same as mine..hope u get better soon! :) Nite

  2. I hope you feel better! You and your hunny are too cute!! =)


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