November 26, 2008


I feel much better today, thank you for your love :)
I felt even better when I got my exam scores back, I did well!

My boyfriend and I hung up our traditional Christmas lights on the stairs ~
Check it out --
He did such a good job
Year 2 of hanging lights together <3
This is my work: Christmas in Vietnam


  1. OMG...

    yay you got your BLOG up and going
    ok i have to come back to read...i was just about to come by and scold you!!! now i'll give you a pat on zeee ass! lol

    Christmas lights alreadyyyyyy!!!

  2. omg you're too cute - I subscribed and am following your cute lil blog, so get crack'a'lackin mamacita... JK

    enjoy reading and have a wonderful turkey day holiday, see u blogland!!


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