November 26, 2008


My bf and I went out to sushi for lunch, and just before we left..

I told him I would give him $10 if he eats the ball of wasabi --
I said I would eat it if he bought me two items of makeup --

I immersed the wasabi ball in the eel roll sauce and down it went!!

My stomach was trippin'!


  1. o m g

    what we girls will do for some makeup...HA HA HA

  2. Last week a couple friends and I were hanging out having sushi and my bf dared me to eat the ball of wasabi. I said I'd eat it if he got me more sushi lol. I rolled it around rice (to make a protective layer before it killed me) and I ate it! hahaha -I should've asked for makeup!

    It didn't taste bad at all. Thank god for the rice.

  3. puahahhha, i can't believe you ate that ball of wasabi!

  4. goodness woman, all that for make-up? you are definitely hardcore! hehehe.


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