December 1, 2008

Look at my NOSE!

My bf thought it would be funny to pinch my nose (in the "I got your nose") kind of way. Not only did he do it once, he did it continuously. LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED! It' bruised!

I have makeup covering it in the photo, but imagine what it looks like w.o. makeup!
The school week has just started too, ugh!! I need to seek revenge!!!

Makeup help! How do I conceal this ugly ugly "brown nose"

My boyfriend is retarded.
Taken moments ago.

Home boy thinks he's pretty funny and now claims that I abuse him.
Law School Senior Pic: Minh T. Tran
Doesn't he look old? He's only 25..but when I first met him I was like ughh 40 year old man.
Then I found out he was a law student ;)


(except I'm going to Law School too...)


  1. ouch! you need to bruise him back immediately :P

    the logitech mouse is around $50 online (don't go to circuit city or bestbuy i think they're charging around $65)
    I use a macbook as well but can't stand the mac mouse :P

  2. how ever way you choose to conceal that is all you but dont forget to put vitamin E on that sucker! to keep it from scaring your beautiful face! i fell and got 13 stitches on my forhead once! lol can you see a scar? i's like to thank vitamin E its my holy grail! LOL thanks for blogging! have a nice day! -Aye.BEE


    ..if the bf did that to me, I would FLIPPPPPP out like no other. Is it getting better? jeez..I hope theres something that I can tell you to conceal your nose..if i can think of something, i'll let you know.

    sorry that i wasn't able to reply your txt, i went to bed early last night. but i'll talk to u later today =)

  4. o my! I can't believe he bruised you! Punch him in the balls! xP

  5. Lmfao, i can't help but laugh at fuzkittie's comment.... priceless lol!

    Oh and immediate brus-age is require....make sure it hurts lmao

  6. puahahhaha, i love the edited pic!

    oh i didn't get the one that has bleach there are ones in that line that does have it. the one i used is surprisingly not drying :)

    so.. did you punch him yet?

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! YEs You will definitely love the 88 palette! the colors are so pigmented! Let me know how u like it.

  8. UH OH! lol taking them oraly can be dangerous or so i heard. look it up i can be wrong but i've never took em before. sorry if i confused you. lol =X what i did was buy the gell capsules from a drugstore and took a needle and jus poke through the pill and the oil will leak out and wat you do is place it on there. i even put it on my face where i break out. LOL IT WORKS THAT GOOD lol its like the key ingredient in all the healing junk they sell except for why waste ur money on that when you can buy it 100% natural. it may get sticky but do it like when your not intended to go out until it dries. i always do it before bed. im sorry if i confused my pretty lol have a nice day! =] -Aye.BEE

  9. OMG

    LMAO...sorry babe but thats kinda funny!!! not that he bruised you but that you actually have a strawberry patch on the nose...I AGREE with FUZ...punch him in the looking at the picture of him! did you do that!!! ahahaha...

    smart girl!!! you know what i have the best friends who are lawyers...which says something about you ...YOUR THE SHIT!!!...i am already wishing you luck for the BAR!


  10. yikes! either you bruise easily or he pinched really really hard!! i'm sorry dear.. hope you're healing up now =)

  11. booooooo =[ i suffer dry skin! lol i def should try that now! thanks a bunches my prettyness! tootles.

  12. booooooo =[ i suffer dry skin! lol i def should try that now! thanks a bunches my prettyness! tootles.

  13. haha that's so funny how you placed that sign on your bf's face. LOL.. i actually duno how to conceal it since i had the same prob when i was preggo when my nose was really red and hugee because of the preggo hormoes. try concealer and see if that helps. but putting warm compress on it helps diminish the bruise quickly.


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